Activities and Tasks


05 May> Collegio Day


  • The Filipino Communities, as well as Filipino Priests and Religious, and friends, are invited to this occasion.
  • Triduum Masses are celebrated at the PCF as immediate preparation for the Collegio Day.
  • The PCF Priests prepare for this event, forming a Fiesta Committee if needed. Communities served by the PCF Priests are especially requested to help in the planning.

Invitations to the Collegio Day are made in the following manners:

  • Hand carried by PCF Priests to the Communities they handle.
  • To all the other Communities through the Sentro Filipino social networking group. A PCF Priest may also make a personal invitation during the Communities’ Leaders’ meeting at the Sentro during the month of April.
  • The PCF Rector invites the Ambassadors and other special guests, as well as Priests and Religious.

Notes for the 6:00 p.m. Triduum Masses:

  • Main Celebrants are PCF graduating Priests (c/o Fiesta Committee).
  • Invite Choirs and Lectors for each day (c/o Fiesta Committee).
  • Especially invited are: Thursday – OFW’s (c/o SD), Friday – business and office sectors (c/o Procurator), Saturday – Priests and Religious (c/o Rector). Invitations may be sent via sms or social networking. Though all of course are invited to all the Masses.
  • Simple salo-salo after Mass (c/o Procurator).

March Meeting with Communities

  • There is a meeting of the Collegio Day Fiesta Committee with the representatives of Filipino Communities served by PCF Priests (and other Communities interested in helping in the preparations), held at the PCF on a Thursday afternoon during the month of March.
  • To call for this meeting, the Council of Co-Responsibles’ Coordinator writes a letter, noted by the Rector, to be hand carried by PCF Priests to their respective Communities. If the Community President is not available, he or she may send a representative.
  • List names of those present in the meeting, indicating cel numbers, Community and Cluster (North, South, Center, East and West).
  • List names and cels of contacts for each Cluster, who should come from Communities served by PCF. (These are not the same as the Sentro’s Cluster Coordinators.)
  • Ask for Volunteers for the following (in coordination with corresponding PCF Fiesta Committees):
    • Choir for the Mass, Lectors, Prayers for the Faithful in different languages, Altar Boys, Ushers, Collectors, another Choir to sing Marian songs during the floral offering, Rosary leaders; the names should be listed by the Liturgy Commission Chair a few days before Collegio Day.
    • Banderitas (in time for the Triduum)
    • Other decorations
    • Sound system for the stage
    • Another sound system for the Rosary procession
    • Plotting of tent areas (3 x 4 meters per Community tent)
    • Security and Traffic. All non-Filipinos should be accompanied by Filipino friends.
    • First Aid station
    • Photo and Video (not by a concelebrating Priest)
    • One presentation in the program per Cluster, and a surprise number from PCF newcomers
    • PCF Priests will serve as program EmCees
    • Sports the Saturday before (optional, as determined by the PCF Community)
  • Determine how the Communities will be distributed on the grounds.
  • Provide a common area for food for those without Communities, such as Priests and Religious and other guests. PCF will share some food.
  • The PCF will take care of ordering Portalets
  • For the Security volunteers, there could be a 7:00 a.m. Mass at the PCF Crypt for them, since they will be unable to leave their posts during the Fiesta Mass itself. Or they could attend an anticipated Mass the day before.
  • PCF Priests should ask their regular Sunday Community not to have a Mass in their own venues, but rather join the Collegio Day Mass.

    Assign Other PCF Commission Tasks

    • Introduce Speaker for Catechesis (request curriculum vitae some days ahead).
    • Announce at end of Catechesis for all to kindly follow house rules, including off limits areas (PCF first to third floors, and basement), garbage disposal (see details below regarding preventing accidents and death), parking (c/o traffic managers), etc. These are necessary for a safe, joyful and meaningful celebration. Kindly inform community leaders of their members who do not follow house rules.
    • Signages for toilets (please do not use tapes or pins on walls)
    • The platform for Mama Mary is kept in the Main Chapel, standing vertically to the left of the tall cabinet. The poles to carry it are also in Main Chapel, on top of two twin cabinets at both sides of fuse box (main switches). Please return them always to the same spots.
    • The trompeta for the procession is locked in the media room cabinet. It has to be charged the night before. Please return it always to the same spot.
    • It seems inevitable that some would bring chairs to the booths. Hence, a PCF Priest perhaps from Temporalities Commission could guide the cleaning process, with the help of the security volunteers, as described in the announcement below. Furthermore, as they return borrowed chairs to the Rec Hall (see below), some could be requested to get the remaining chairs from the back of the Main Chapel and bring them to the Rec Hall to be stored as well, and to store the other chairs from the Sanctuary area to the Main Chapel Sacristy. This would eliminate the need for PCF Priests to do those tasks afterwards.

    Notes to be Communicated to the Communities:

    • Inform everyone that communications are coursed through “PCF Contacts” per Cluster, who belong to Communities served by PCF Priests (noting that these are not necessarily the same as the Sentro Filippino’s Cluster “coordinators”).
    • Collegio Day General Schedule:
      • 9:30 a.m. at Main Chapel = Catechesis before the Fiesta Mass
      • 10:30 a.m. at Main Chapel = Fiesta Mass
      • Then Procession, floral offering, lunch and program outdoors (indoors if it rains)
      • 5:00 p.m. = Home Sweet Home
    • Each Community may put up a tent if they wish. Please inform your Cluster’s PCF Contacts (see above) by April 28 Thursday. Tent should be 3 by 4 meters maximum, and could be set up starting April 30 Saturday.
    • Request parking space by the Thursday before Collegio Day by informing your Cluster’s PCF contact-(see above), for the maximum number of cars per Community as determined in March meeting. When you enter the Collegio gate, traffic enforcers will help you reach your designated parking space.
    • Each Community please bring food for your own table or tent; all are encouraged to kindly share a menu for PCF guests. For peace and security reasons, no hard drinks are allowed inside the Collegio compound.
    • Please bring enough garbage bags. Kindly help clean not only your tent surroundings, but other areas as well. Comune di Roma garbage bins are located outside the Collegio: turn right as you go out the gate, and walk a little. Please do not cross Via Aurelia to throw your garbage at the other side: it is not only illegal, but also extremely dangerous, since cars and motorcycles pass at high speeds. If some garbage falls, or the garbage bag breaks, you could cause a BIG traffic accident!
    • The cluster presentations during the program should serve as spiritual and cultural upliftment, proper to a family affair, and avoiding any inappropriate attire, language or actions.
    • You may bring flowers to be offered to Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage after the Rosary Procession
    • You may kindly put your love offering for the Collegio Filippino in an envelope, and drop them in the offertory basket during the Mass.
    • Attire/Motiff for the whole celebration: Filipiniana for those who wish.

    Announcements at End of Mass

    • Order of the procession (loud speaker should be at middle of procession).
    • Floral offering is at the end of the procession, before the Salve.

    Announcements during Program

    • There will be a Mass in the afternoon (state time) for those who have not attended Mass yet).
    • Garbage disposal (see details above regarding preventing accidents and death)
    • ANNOUNCEMENT TOWARDS 3 P.M., 4 P.M. AND END OF PROGRAM:For those who borrowed PCF chairs, we ask your help in cleaning and returning them. Kindly assign four or five community members, to kindly bring the chairs:* FIRST, to the cleaning station at the side of the building across the tennis court, where there is a hose; be sure to bring a lot of tissue to clean and dry them very well.

      * SECOND, to the glass door side entry to the building, where there is someone who will double check that no soil enters with the chairs.

      * THIRD, upstairs to the Recreation Hall, where there is someone who will receive them.

      Please follow further instructions from the SPISERS. Thank you very much for your presence and your help in making our Collegio Day a big success!