I. Benvenuti


Benvenuti al Pontificio Collegio Filippino!

It is great to have you with us, as you start this new stage in your ministry. Prior to coming over, you have been given different responsibilities in your home dioceses, in charge of seminaries or other ministries. In the past, we have had students exactly like you, who were earlier Parish Priests or Assistants, Rectors or other formators, Diocesan Economus, Judicial Vicars, Episcopal Vicars, Chancellors, Bishops’ Secretaries, or newly ordained.

While the Collegio is a residence for priests doing further studies, it offers holistic ongoing formation for priests, with human/community, spiritual and pastoral/apostolic formation in-house, in addition to academic formation mainly in the universities.

Thus, the Collegio is definitely not a seminary for those preparing for the priesthood. Our schedule prayer times, meals and other activities, and the presence of administrators and staff, are not in any way meant to imitate a seminary; rather, they are necessary to have an orderly life in common. Even schools, companies, governments and other organizations have to schedule their common activities, if they wish to be effective in reaching their goals. Likewise, we are not a hotel or series of apartments, where one can live on his own, disregarding the community.

Please consider your stay in Rome as a real pastoral ministry, continuing to reflect on whatever you have been into, and preparing yourselves to serve in different ways after your studies.

And see the Collegio as truly your home and family. Let the Administrators or other priests know if you need anything, as we wish to help each other grow in holiness, by carrying out the task assigned to us by our Bishops at this point of our lives.

Once again, benvenuti al Collegio!