IV. Refectory and Kitchen

1. Meals are served in the refectory according to the following schedule:
a. breakfast: 06:30 (please turn in plates by 08:45).
b. lunch: 13:00 (please turn in plates by 13:45).
c. dinner: 19:30 or immediately after Vespers (please turn in plates by 20:15).

2. To facilitate our Refectorian’s work and rest, please turn in your used plates, glasses and utensils according to the above schedule, sorting them properly at the dishwashing area.
a. The Refectorian will start keeping the food at those times at well, setting aside some for those who previously advised that they would come late.
b. You may still extend your stay a bit in the refectory to chat with others, but kindly turn in used items as soon as possible for the Refectorian to clean. The Refectorian may also start pulling out items from your table that you no longer need, so they could be washed.

3. Please come punctually for lunch and dinner, so that grace before meals may be said together as a community at the designated time. The Angelus or Regina Coeli is prayed before lunch. For grace before dinner, kindly wait for those who pray the Rosary and Vespers to arrive.

4. The Collegio does not serve snacks, though from time to time snacks may be available at the refectory.

5. If you wish to keep personal food items in the refectory refrigerator, kindly label them with your name, otherwise they will be considered as everyone’s. If your original intention is to share them with others, you might opt to put them directly on the serving table rather than inside the refrigerator, so they could be seen more easily and consumed earlier. The Refectorian is tasked to serve unlabeled food soonest, and dispose of labeled food untouched for a long time.

6. To foment greater interaction among the residents, and meals being opportunities to enrich each other, all are encouraged to eat on different tables rather than have permanent ones. Kindly use Italian as much as possible. As a sign of courtesy, please avoid speaking in a language unknown to some at table, and if using the celfone becomes necessary, kindly go to a corner or step out of the refectory first.

7. To minimize food wastage, please inform the Sisters at least two hours before the meal you plan to skip.

8. Upon request, the Sisters will prepare packed lunch for those who will not be able to take their lunch in the Collegio.

9. Whenever necessary, you may request the kitchen personnel to prepare food earlier than usual or to reserve food for you if you expect to return to the Collegio late. These shall be made available in the Priests’ refectory. Out of respect for the Personnel and the Sisters, you may not dine in the kitchen nor in the Personnel’s or Sisters’ refectory.