Activities and Tasks


MASS: with Outsiders

Preliminary Notes

  • In case all Worship Commission Members are out during breaks, the Commission could already prepare everything beforehand (with the other pertinent Commissions), and request other Priests or the Sisters to help out during the activity itself. These are major activities that have to be prepared well ahead of time.
  • Short spaces are provided at the start of some lines to put a check mark when done, and long spaces at the end of other lines to put who has been assigned.
  • To print this out, just copy the inner text (that is, without the webpage’s menus and sidebars), and paste in MS Word.


      • _ confer with Procurator: dinner could be at 6:30 pm, if many PCF Priests have to go to the Vatican; also to allow time to prepare for Mass (and salo-salo if any)
      • _ flowers and other decors (Worship Commission assisting)
      • _ put the Blessed Virgin’s crown, aureola and scepter
      • _ Mass Liturgy in Tagalog, if all Concelebrants are Filipinos
      • _ Golden Chausables for all Priests
      • _ incense
      • _ collection baskets
      • _ envelopes for love offerings: place on the big table outside the Main Chapel, with a note indicating where the offerings will be used
      • _ insert Tabernacle key
      • _ sound system extension to lobby: switch is located in left corner as one enters Main Chapel
      • _ around 1.5 hours before an evening Mass: switch on lobby lights and flood light on stairs outside main door; also, leave big gate open
      • _ CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR: prepare Baby Jesus, crib, finger towel to wipe Baby
      • HOLY WEEK SERVICES MAY BE DONE IN THE CRYPT, as not many outsiders come.
      • _ PALM SUNDAY: Palms, Holy Water
      • _ HOLY THURSDAY: Water and soap for Washing of the Feet
      • _ GOOD FRIDAY: Cross, purple cloth for the veneration; altar cloth and corporal for Communion Service
      • _ EASTER VIGIL: Easter Candle (update year, put stylus, wax)), candles, container for new Holy Water, aspergillum


Assign Priests

      • _ Confessors an hour before (set confessionals too) = __________
      • _ Main Celebrant = __________
      • _ Concelebrant 1 = __________
      • _ Concelebrant 2 = __________
      • _ If there are no Altar Servers, assign two other concelebrants for servers’ functions (incense only at start, Gospel and offertory; not during consecration = __________ and __________.
      • _ Check how many hosts are in the Tabernacle and estimate how many more need to be consecrated.

Invite Altar Servers and Choir

      • _ Altar Servers = ___________________
      • _ Choir = ___________________
      • _ CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR: ask choir to kindly prepare “Come, All Ye Faithful” to sing during kissing of Baby Jesus after final blessing

Assign lay volunteers (even just before the Mass)

      • _ First Reading = __________
      • _ Responsorial Psalm = __________
      • _ Second Reading = __________
      • _ Collectors = __________
      • _ Offerers = __________

Announcements at end of Mass (could be by a PCF Administrator)

  • thank: Main Celebrant, Concelebrants, Bishops, Embassy, Religious, Communities, those who helped in the ceremony (servers, choir, lectors, commentator, collectors, ushers), PCF Staff, Sisters and Priests.
  • if there is salo-salo: all are invited; ask PCF Priests and Sisters to kindly guide guests to the salo-salo area
  • strong men kindly stack together the chairs and bring them to the ping-pong area to the left, or to the Sacristy, etc. (during Christmas Eve, do not stack chairs that are inside the Main Chapel, for use in New Year Eve Mass); some PCF Priests will guide where to keep the chairs
  • CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR: kissing of Baby Jesus right after final blessing; Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your families


      • _ lay volunteer(s) (not Priests) to kindly take pictures and video (ask PCF camera from Temporalities Commission if needed): __________
      • _ PCF Priest to kindly transfer pictures and video to Thawspace of Lobby Computer: __________


ASK other Commissions IF THEY NEED HELP, LIKE:

        • _ LCD projector, computer, screen, wifi connection
        • _ PCF camera (charge batteries beforehand), tripod

Arrange chairs

        • _ sanctuary: 10 chairs each side for concelebrants; extra from these may be transferred just before Mass to extend the pews
        • _ IF NEEDED (Christmas, but not New Year or Holy Week), to add maximum number of chairs inside Main Chapel: move pews closer to each other; add behind pews 6 rows of 8 chairs each
        • _ IF NEEDED, outside Main Chapel door, at center, between posts so people can see Altar directly (thus no need for projector outside Main Chapel): add 11 rows of 7 chairs each

      • _ keep antique-like chairs in an office so they are not used, as they are quite fragile
      • the rest of the lobby area need not be rearranged
      • _ assign 2 Priests to guide the lay people after Mass in bringing chairs back to their respective storage areas: _________________