* NEWCOMERS: Urgent Documents *

Checklist of documents to obtain upon arriving in Rome (see details from among these guides). Then scan and email a copy to the Rector, using the filenames indicated.


  1. Double check that you have emailed to the Rector the prior required documents
    ☐ filenames: 01-CBCP-yourfamilyname.pdf… to 15-curriculum-yourfamilyname.pdf
  1. Visa: scan both adjacent pages so that the passport could also be seen, flat.
    ☐ filename: 41-yourfamilyname-visa.pdf
  1. Preiscrizione stamped by the Italian Embassy back home.
    ☐ filename: 42-yourfamilyname-stamped-preiscrizione.pdf
  1. Codice Fiscale.
    ☐ filename: 43-yourfamilyname-codicefiscale.pdf
  1. Permesso di Soggiorno application at Poste: scan the receipts and schedule given you.
    ☐ filename: 44-yourfamilyname-poste.pdf
  1. Tessera Sanitaria.
    ☐ filename: 45-yourfamilyname-sanitaria.pdf
  1. Certificato d’Iscrizione (not the pre-iscrizione) from the University. Ask the Rector for a letter of request to the University. Bring it to the University, along with a copy of your Passport’s data page, Visa, original Transcript of Records and Diplomae (if any). Some universities require payment before issuing.
    ☐ filename: 46-yourfamilyname-iscrizione.pdf
  1. Usually by September: the Permesso di Soggiorno (card) may be retrieved from the Questura.
    ☐ filename: 47-yourfamilyname-soggiorno.pdf
  1. By September: Celebret
    ☐ filename: 48-yourfamilyname-celebret.pdf