Tasks and Facilities



Connecting the Videoke:

OPTION 1 – with Amplifier and Multiple Microphones


a. RED and WHITE = to amplifier’s TAPE IN

b. BLACK = to videoke’s power cord

c. YELLOW = to TV or LCD projector’s VIDEO IN (lower left of old big TV)

d. For YELLOW to reach TV or LCD, you may use extension line and adaptor if needed.

OPTION 2 – using only the Videoke microphone (no amplifier): connect the videoke’s RED, WHITE and YELLOW wires directly to the TV’s front, lower left.


Old Big TV Settings:

a. At back, fully insert SCART to third slot.


b. Connect the SCART’s other end to the digital box. No need to connect anything else (from videoke, etc.) to the digital box.

c. Set TV to Channel 29. Then switch TV off.

d. Switch on videoke, then switch the TV on again. The videoke image should appear.

e. If no image appears, gently lift SCART’s upper part away from the TV, and move the SCART a bit, until image appears. Sometimes there is a little problem with contacts (depending on SCART).

f. To troubleshoot, just switch TV off and on again. Also, try changing SCART cable, video extension wire, power cord, multiple adaptor, sockets, etc. No need to tap or strike the TV anywhere.


Back to Order:

BEFORE STORING: wipe wires & components w/ moist tissue, so bag & box are not filled w/dust.

Put only the following into the videoke bag:

a. Videoke mic

b. Videoke power cord

c. Extension and adaptor for YELLOW video wire

d. Booklets with list of songs

The other components have their respective storage areas.