Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company (Metrobank)


You may make over the counter deposits at any Metrobank branch to: 

Account Name: “Roman Catholic Archbishop of Manila – PCF”
Peso Savings Account: 632-3-632-08816-8
Dollar Savings Account: 632-2-632-00300-0
Euro Savings Account: 632-2-632-60028-8


Please fax deposit slip to:

Ms. Editha De Guzman at (02) 527-3852 or (02)527-3953,
indicating that the donation is for the Collegio,
and put the donor’s name, address, e-mail and
contact number for the acknowledgment receipt.



METROBANKDIRECT (Internet banking)

Step 1: If not yet done, go to your Metrobank branch of account and enrol in MetrobankDirect (online banking).

Step 2: Login to and on the upper right, log in to MetroBankDirect.

Step 3: Look for “Pay Bills”. Under “Special Biller”, choose the category “Others” and Biller “Roman Catholic Archbishop of Manila-PCF”

Step 4: Enter the Subscriber Name: Donor Name

Step 5: Choose the Account Number where the payment will be sourced to them.

Step 6: Choose the amount you wish to pay.

Step 7: Select “Immediate Payment” (account is immediately deducted upon approval) or “Future Dated” and click “Continue” button.

Step 8: Click “Confirm” button for the system to process your payment. View or print Transaction Acknowledgement Receipt as proof of payment.