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08 – Carta d’Identità from the Comune

  1. You may apply for a Carta d’Identità when you have a valid Permesso di Soggiorno (not expired).
  2. Set an appointment online with the Comune. Our Comune is Municipio XIII, which is next to La Salle along Via Aurelia, 470. They do not accept walk-ins without appointments, whether to process papers or to schedule an appointment.
  3. On the appointment date, go to the Comune with the documents they require.
  4. It si best to apply soonest, as the date might be weeks or months from today (four months as of January 2021). For those with no or expired Permesso di Soggiorno, you may apply for the Carta d’Identità perhaps a month before your fingerprinting (assuming you get the Permesso di Soggiorno two months after fingerprinting)
  5. The long wait is worth it, as it would be good to have the Carta d’Identità, as some already do. This can be presented whenever a “documento” is required within Italy (applying for other documents, getting a debit card, receiving money, traveling by plane, online services, etc.). Please note that this document is not valid outside Italy.