12 Dec> 24 & 31 Masses

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  • Collegio Filippino 10 pm Vigil Masses: Christmas Dec 24 & New Year Dec 31
  • Simple salo-salo after
  • Confession from 9:00 pm


  • If Commission Members are not around before the event, other Priests may be requested to help if needed.
  • Since most of the items can be finalized beforehand, it is not necessary that the ones assigned be actually present during the Mass (except for some items).
  • Spaces at the start of the line are provided below to put a check mark (to print out, just copy text without the menus and sidebars, and paste in MS Word).



    • _ flowers and other decors
    • _ Baby Jesus and crib
    • _ put the Blessed Virgin’s crown, aureola and scepter
    • _ Mass Liturgy in English if there are non-Filipino Priests concelebrating
    • _ Golden Chausables for all Priests
    • _ incense
    • _ collection baskets
    • _ envelopes for love offerings: place on the big table outside the Main Chapel, with a note indicating where the offerings will be used
    • _ insert Tabernacle key
    • _ outside speakers: switch is located in left corner as one enters Main Chapel
    • _ dinner could be at 6:30 pm, as many go to the Vatican, and to prepare for Mass and salo-salo
    • _ around 8:30 pm: switch on lobby lights and flood light on stairs outside main door; also, leave big gate open
    • After Mass, help invite people to the salo-salo.

Assign lay volunteers (even just before the Mass)

    • _ First Reading = __________
    • _ Responsorial Psalm = __________
    • _ Second Reading = __________
    • _ Collectors = __________
    • _ Offerers = __________

Kissing of Baby Jesus after final blessing

    • _ finger towel
    • _ perfume


Assign Priests

    • _ 9:00 pm Confessors (set confessionals too) = __________
    • _ Main Celebrant = __________
    • _ Concelebrant 1 = __________
    • _ Concelebrant 2 = __________
    • _ Two other concelebrants for servers’ functions (incense only at start, Gospel and offertory; not during consecration = __________ and __________.
    • _ Check how many hosts are in the Tabernacle and estimate how many more need to be consecrated.

Announcements after Mass (could be by a PCF Administrator)

    • Kissing of Baby Jesus right after final blessing, while the Choir leads the singing
    • all are invited to simple salo-salo
    • strong men kindly stack together the chairs by 10’s; leave them inside the Main Chapel or in the Lobby.
    • New Year Mass on Dec. 31 is also at 10:00 pm, with salo-salo
    • Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your families


    • _ Invited choir = ______
    • _ Note: sing Come, All Ye Faithful during kissing of Baby Jesus after final blessing



    • _ ask a lay volunteer(s) (not Priest) to kindly take pictures (lend PCF camera if needed; charge battery beforehand) __________
    • _ guide on how to copy files to Thawspace of Lobby Computer __________


Arrange chairs

    • _ sanctuary: 10 chairs each side for concelebrants; extra from these may be transferred just before Mass to extend the pews
    • _ inside Main Chapel: move pews closer to each other; add behind pews 6 rows of 8 chairs each
    • _ outside Main Chapel door, at center, between posts so people can see Altar directly (thus no need for projector outside Main Chapel): add 11 rows of 7 chairs each
    • _ keep antique-like chairs in an office so they are not used
    • the rest of the lobby area need not be rearranged


  • _ for choir: LCD projector, computer and screen