Bills payment

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Monthly Bill Deadlines:

  • ACEA Acqua
  • (1st week) ACEA Energia (gas for kitchen)
  • ENI Gas 1 (gas for heating system)
  • (2nd week) ENI Gas 2 (gas for heating system)
  • (1st week) ENI Luce
  • (2nd week) Telecom Italia

Other Bills Deadlines

  • Agenzia Entrate
  • pest control
  • Pragma (used oil disposal)
  • Quarterly – INPS
  • April – FIAT Scudo bollo; if paying via Automobile Club d’Italia, choose Società generica, and insert Codice Fiscale instead of Partita IVA; ACI will send email payment reminders
  • October – Ecos SRL – maintenance of elevators
  • October: Schindler (elevators)
  • December – Toyota Aygo bollo
  • December – insurances for vehicles and building


  • Bills up to €1,500.00 may be paid via They could be Bollettino Poste (usually with number “896” at bottom right, or filling out a blank form), “pagoPA”, Modelli F24, Bollo Auto, traffic fines, Bollettino MAV, Imposte e Tributi, pagamenti Sky cable, etc. Use PostePay or any other debit or credit card within the European SEPA circuit, including the IOR credit card (which is actually a debit card). Service charge is €1.00.
  • Bills may also be paid using cash or debit or credit card at the Post Office (€1.50 service charge, no maximum amount per bill) or Tabacchi (€2.00 service charge; maximum of €999.00 per bill; bill should normally have a bar code).
  • At times the IOR Visa does not work, for example when the service passes through Just try using other intermediaries when available, such as Intesa San Paolo for bollo of vehicles.
  • Whenever Partita IVA is required (and which we do not have), just insert PCF’s Codice Fiscale.