07 – Celebret

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While priests may normally exercise their ministry anywhere in the world, those staying long in another Diocese need to get a Celebret from that diocese. To apply for a Celebret in the Diocese of Rome:

1. At the beginning of the school year, the Council of Co-Responsibles’ Secretary emails to the Rector a list (in a text format that can be copied and pasted) of those needing a Celebret, divided into first time applicants and for renewal, with full names appearing as in the Permesso di Soggiorno (or application).

2. Each one should download and fill up the application form for Secular Priests or Religious Priests, and Privacy forms.

3. Collect from each one:

a) Original and photocopy of your old Rome celebret (OLDTIMERS), or of your home diocese celebret (NEWCOMERS).

b) Photocopy of your ordination certificate.

c) Photocopy of the Mandatum of your bishop (which you addressed to the Collegio Rector when you first applied to the Collegio).

d) Photocopy of your passport’s page with your personal data.

e) Photocopy of your valid Permesso di Soggiorno…

… but if you have no valid Permesso di Soggiorno yet, then a photocopy of the Poste Italiane receipt given when you applied for one, and a photocopy of your expired Permesso di Soggiorno (OLDTIMERS) or valid visa (NEWCOMERS).

f) Photocopy of your enrollment certificate (for newcomers who have none yet, the pre-enrolment certificate you submitted to the Italian Embassy back home will do).

g) One passport-sized photo in clerical attire.

h) Fee of 5 Euros.

4. The Rector will write a request, and submit your documents, to:

Ufficio Clero
Vicariato di Roma
Piazza S. Giovanni in Laterano, 6
00184 Roma

Depending on the circumstances, the Celebret could be obtained immediately, or after a few days.