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Coffee Machine (Kikko)

To fix guasto:

  1. Open door and insert yellow key to keep machine on.
  2. Press the Programmazione switch once (inside the door) => display shows “statistiche”.
  3. Cioccolato Forte => “guasti”
  4. Cioccolato (this serves as the Yes button) => “lettura guasti”
  5. Cioccolato => if some description other than “lista guasti – nessun guasto” appears, note it down for the technician
  6. Ciccolato Forte => “guasti”
  7. Cioccolato => “lettura guasti”
  8. + (plus sign on top) => “reset guasti”
  9. Ciccolato => “reset guasti eseguito”
  10. Programmazione switch => “scegliere la bevanda”
  11. Only if the machine is still not working, inform the technician of the guasto description in step 5 above.