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The “Collegio Day” is celebrated on the first Sunday of May. The Foundation Day actually falls on October 7, but since it is difficult to prepare for this feast right at the beginning of the fist semester, we celebrate on May instead.

This celebration is at the same time our way of thanking and appreciating the different Filipino Communities, especially for their prayers and the help they extend to us. We invite directly those for whom we celebrate Sunday Masses, and through the Sentro Filipino Chaplaincy, all the other Communities as well.

The feast is preceded by a Triduum of 6:30 p.m. Masses starting the Thursday before, to which all are invited.


  • 9:00 Catechesis
  • 10:30 Fiesta Mass (Choir: Sacro Cuore)
  • followed by Rosary procession (Choir: San Raffaelo Arcangelo-Trullu) and Floral Offering with each Community with a representative (Choir: Pag-Ibig Kay Hesus)
  • Lunch led with a prayer.
  • Picture taking per Community, with Collegio Administrators and Spiritual Director.
  • 1:30 Program – presentations by the different Clusters, and the Newcomers
  • 5:00 Home Sweet Home


  • C/o Collegio
    • Main Celebrant, Concelebrants 1 and 2 (Worship Committee).
    • Invite Communities through the Sentro Filippino (c/o Pastoral Committee), Priests and Religious, Ambassadors, and other guests (c/o Rector).
    • Photo and Video documentation: c/o Academics Committee (those who shoot may please celebrate earlier, so as not to shoot while concelebrating).
  • Invite leaders of Communities served by Collegio Priests and SPISER on a Thursday March or April, to request volunteers for the activities.
    • For the Triduum and Fiesta Masses: Choir, Lectors and Commentators, Prayers of the Faithful readers, Offerers, Servers
    • Sound System for Rosary Procession and Program
    • Tents: each cluster is allotted an area
    • Presentation by Cluster: the shows may be of a cultural type, and should be uplifting.
    • Decorations can be, for example, by clusters in front, three at the back.
    • Chairs: request a community in charge to lend and clean chairs to be lent by Collegio.
    • Security and Parking: request SPISER (they will have 8:00 a.m. Mass, since they have to move around during the Fiesta Mass). After the Mass, the activities will be held outside. Those who wish to enter may kindly request their PCF resident friend to meet them at the Lobby door.
    • First Aid Station: request Philippine Nurses Association
    • Rent Portalets.
    • Each Community please bring food for your own table or tent; all are encouraged to kindly share a menu for PCF guests. For peace and security reasons, no hard drinks are allowed inside the Collegio compound.
    • Please bring enough garbage bags. Kindly help clean not only your tent surroundings, but other areas as well. Comune di Roma garbage bins are located outside the Collegio: turn right as you go out the gate, and walk a little. Please do not cross Via Aurelia to throw your garbage at the other side: it is not only illegal, but also extremely dangerous, since cars and motorcycles pass at high speeds. If some garbage falls, or the garbage bag breaks, you could cause a BIG traffic accident!
    • You may bring flowers to be offered to Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage after the Rosary Procession.
    • You may kindly put your love offering for the Collegio Filippino in an envelope, and drop them in the offertory basket during the Mass.


  • Priests will encourage their Communities to join.
  • Picture taking of Communities with their Spiritual Adviser and Collegio Administrators.
  • Cluster with the highest attendance will get an award.


  • Parking on a first come, first served basis. Each car must display on the windshield the Community name and name of driver.