Donations via Check, Bank Deposit and Zelle

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  1. Open Donorview.
  2. In Favorites >Gifts, create a new gift, indicating (capitalize first letters only):
    • Constituent: search first if donor already has an existing contact; otherwise create a new Constituent
    • Date: leave current date
    • Amount
    • Payment Type: Check, Zelle or Bank Transfer
    • Check #: for checks only; put bank and number
    • Check Date: also for checks, bank deposits and Zelle
  3. If donation is in general, for operations, renovations or programs, or not specified, put:
    • For: “Operations”
  4. If donation is for a specific diocese/Priest (who must have already made a Scholarship Portal in Donorview), put:
    • For: “Scholarships”
    • Fund: the corresponding diocese
    • Source Name: the Priest’s name
    • Peer to Peer Gift: Yes
    • Campaign: Diocesan Support
  5. Save, and begin again for the next donation.
  6. After encoding the last donation, go back to Favorites >Gifts.
    • for each new entry, click on the MailMerge icon (envelope)
    • If CHECK DONATION, select template: Generic Check thank you
    • If BANK DEPOSIT or ZELLE, select template: Generic Cash thank you
    • Set Acknowledged to: Yes
    • Delivery Option: email link to PDF file
    • Archive Options Save to Documents: Yes
    • Click OK