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The PCF heating system automatically turns on and off as scheduled. When the temperature outdoors goes below 5º Celsius, the heating system switches on automatically, as a protection against freezing and thereby damaging the boilers, pipes and other components.

The following procedures will help attain that target and lessen fuel expenses, that run in the thousands of Euros each month.

  1. Each each room and bathroom radiator has a knob, that further regulates heat. Try setting the knob to 3, then raise or lower it as needed.
  2. The corridors’ knobs could be set to 2, since these passage areas do not need to be heated as much as in the rooms.
  3. Keeping the separation doors closed (Crypt, refectory, laundry, library, Main Lobby with its two layers, Main Chapel, rec hall, each corridor in the upper floors, etc.) prevents air current, which, even if minimal, greatly disperses heat.
  4. In particular, the Main Lobby’s second layer of glass door should be always kept closed during winter. Otherwise, the temperature inside the building would approach the temperature you feel when inside the small enclosed area between the two layers of glass doors.