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The Collegio can stream some activities, especially Masses and other prayers, though its Facebook Page, Events are listed in Other FB Pages may collaborate to serve a wider audience in the Church’s pastoral endeavors.


  1. The Collegio can provide live video and audio feed, with titles and a minimum of graphics, using the smartphone’s Camerafi app mixer (see setup below).
  2. Partners may use this feed, acknowledging the Collegio as source. The Collegio may also play some videos with information, or asking for support. For now we are unable to crosspost with other FB pages, as it would require additional coordination on our part.
  3. Partners may look for and encourage other FB Pages to use the feed. The Collegio would be grateful to receive a list of those they invite.

Collegio Setup

The Collegio uses the minimum setup possible, depending on the availability of a few volunteer priests busy with their studies and other concerns. This simple setup can easily be learned by our priests, for use now or when assigned later to remote areas with no access to state of the art equipment.

Our checklist for Facebook Live stream (if you do not need titles or graphics in your stream, skip nos. 3-4, and post Live in FB instead):

  1. Internet connection: wifi or mobile data
  2. Sound system
    • connect a wired microphone (the smartphone’s headset will do) to the smartphone; use mic extension wires as needed
    • the microphone may pick up audio directly from the celebrant, reader or crowd; it may also be placed directly in front (as close as possible) of a good speaker connected to an amplifier, or karaoke
    • two or three mics may be connected
    • note that the jack inserted into an Android smartphone is usually with three lines/four contacts, also called TRRS, while plain computer microphones only have one line/two contacts, also called TS – just use adaptors as needed
  3. Smartphone camera on a tripod, with Camerafi Live app
    • open your FB using a computer, or a smartphone’s browser set to desktop mode (do not use the smartphone’s FB app); click on Live button, which will bring you to the FB Live Producer Page
    • there look for the RTMP URL and Stream Key (copy persistent so you need not encode them each time)
    • in Camerafi, click on RTMP , and enter the RTMP URL and Stream Key (disregard Camerafi’s FB button, which no longer allows you to stream)
    • insert into Camerafi the titles and graphics you prepared beforehand; you may also write text (google Camerafi for details)
  4. A computer or another smartphone (with browser set to desktop mode; do not use FB app)
    • it does not need to be connected to the same network as your smartphone with the camera; it may even be in another part of the world
    • open the FB desktop site using an Administrator or Editor of the same FB account as for Camerafi above, and click on Live button; this will bring you to the FB Live Producer Page, which says on the lower right, “Waiting for the video”; when ready, go to your main smartphone set on a tripod and click on Camerafi’s red “Go” button
    • on the FB desktop, the lower right message will turn to “Connecting with the video”; at the lower left, the “Go Live” button will turn from grey to blue; click this to start streaming (it will turn red to indicate broadcasting)
    • once Live, you will need this computer (or smartphone) again only at the end, to “End Broadcast” (if not done, FB will anyway end the broadcast automatically, some minutes after you stop the Camerafi app)
    • Note: in case your smartphone browser is always redirected by FB to its mobile site (with the “m.www”, as in https//, you might wish to try Via browser; enable Via “desktop site” (at the upper left arrow), and select “desktop site” (in the upper or lower right hamburger menu)
  5. Our Coat of Arms.


  1. Open FB in your computer or smartphone (desktop site), all the way to “waiting for the video”.
  2. Open Camerafi in your smartphone. Put graphics and/or text you want. Press the red “On” button to start.
  3. Go back to your computer or other smartphone, and click on “Go Live” at the lower left.
  4. From now on, but without closing that FB window, you may use this computer or smartphone for other purposes (e.g., to monitor broadcast using your FB app this time) — until the end of your broadcast, when you press the red “End Live stream” button.