NEWCOMERS: Other Tasks

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1. look for a Spiritual Director as soon as possible, even within a week. He may be either the official PCF SD, or any Priest of your choice. You may also ask the Rector or the Spiritual Director for names of Priests in Rome willing to serve as SD. For tips, click here.

2. Consult the PCF Procurator:

☐ Payment of Board and Lodging fees (at least inform how to go about it)

☐ Get PCF Card for photocopying and printing

3. Personal effort (see these guides, and with the help of old timers)

☐ Carta SIM: ask old timers for their experiences, as to the best current plan for data, sms and calls. Inform the Rector of your Italian cel number.

☐ Metrebus Annuale (yearly bus and subway pass)

☐ IOR (“Vatican Bank”)

☐ Cards to learn Italian while playing

☐ Guide to Mass Accents (

☐ Smartphone App to scan documents (Camscanner, etc.).

☐ Smartphone App for Italian verb conjugation

☐ Youtube Italian lessons to supplement Italian classes.

☐ Practice Italian during meals