Priest Secretaries

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1. While Bishops are assured of individual rooms, priest secretaries are also welcome, but subject to the availability of rooms and beds. The following could be their scenarios:

  • share rooms with their Bishop or their friend PCF resident priest willing to share his room (especially from their own diocese)
  • share rooms (if available) with other priest Secretaries
  • stay in the dorm with other priest Secretaries (if space is available)
  • stay in nearby convents or hotels, making arrangements on their own or through a travel agent (not through the PCF, as we are understaffed).

2. We will be able to confirm bed availability for priest secretaries only after we have finalized the Bishops’ room assignments and determined the extra room availability, hopefully towards the end of February 2019.  Meanwhile, we have declined other priests who have asked to stay at the PCF during the period of the Ad Limina, to assure our Bishops with rooms.

3. For priest secretaries’ airport, Vatican and other trips, whether related or not with the Ad Limina:

  • we are unable to assure priest secretaries of transport, as seats might be fully occupied by Bishops
  • click here for a list of Filipino van owners they may make arrangements with and pay on their own

4. For places to visit on their own, they might wish to explore these sites.