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QB: IOR Transactions

At the Collegio

  1. Print and fill up the corresponding form (usually Bonifico, Giroconto, Deposito/Ritiro and/or Versamento Assegni).
  2. Have the IOR forms signed by two signatories.
  3. Make one photocopy of the bill(s) to be paid if any, to be given to IOR.
  4. Make two photocopies of the signed Bonifico or Giroconto. One will be kept by IOR; the other will be stamped with the date and signed by the teller, and returned to you.
  5. Bring the list of PCF account numbers to IOR, along with the above items.

At IOR (Vatican Bank)

  1. Wait for your turn at any teller.
  2. For Bonifico and Giroconto, request one copy of the signed Bonifico or Giroconto you prepared, with the date and teller’s signature (see no. 4 above).
  3. Ask for a copy of any BONIFICO or GIROCONTO ENTRANTE that might be needed (for example, from a funding agency wanting a copy of the IOR’s record).
  4. Ask for the SALDI DI TUTTI CONTI (UNA PAGINA INSIEME), but excluding one’s personal account (which otherwise might appear).
  5. Ask for the ESTRATTI CONTO of each account.

Back at the Collegio: for IOR Deposits

Back at the Collegio: for IOR Bonificos and Girocontos

  1. Attach the copy of the Bonifico or Giroconto (with stamp and teller’s signature) to the original (or printout, if emailed) of the bill paid.
  2. In Quickbooks

Back at the Collegio: for IOR Withdrawals

Back at the Collegio: file Bank Statements