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In this “Sabbatical sa Vatican” Program (Filipino for “Sabbatical at the Vatican”), the Priest chooses from among the existing programs at the Vatican or in the different Universities. Meanwhile, the Collegio, rather than offering in-house modules, serves as his “Home in Rome”, as he goes through the seminars or courses, gets exposed to the realities of our overseas workers, and learns from the Vatican and Rome, and other parts of Italy or Europe. Our Spiritual Director can guide him accordingly.

This way the Priest on Sabbatical could come at any time of the year, and for as long as he wishes, according to his course and other preferences. Priests from all over the world, even non-Filipinos, are most welcome to stay at the Collegio.

The programs listed below are given in English, unless specified as given only in Italian, or with simultaneous translation to English. Note that you may attend more than one program you are interested in, as long as they do not overlap too much. Please double check with corresponding websites for current information.

1. Pontifical Atheneum Regina Apostolorum (Ateneo Pontificio Regina Apostolorum)

2. Pontifical Gregorian University (Pontificia Universit√† Greogriana)

3. Pontifical University of the Holy Cross (Pontificia Università della Santa Croce).

  • Program on Church Management, offered by the Markets, Culture and Ethics Research Centre: two-week intensive programs each February and September; focus on how to serve the poor effectively, and use the material assets of the Church honestly and according to Canon Law and good managerial practices in conformity with the principles of Catholic Social Teaching; see
  • The Church Up Close, offered by the School of Church Communications: one week on September every two years; since 2008; see
  • Renewal Course of Marriage Law and Canonical Procedure, offered by the Faculty of Canon Law; one week every September; with simultaneous translations to English; see
  • Study Week for Seminary Formation Staff: “The Intellectual Dimension of the Formation of Candidates to the Priesthood”, Feb. 3-7, 2020; with simultaneous translations to English; see
  • Meetings or workshops, offered by the School of Church Communications; help on different months, in English and other languages; see

4. Courses given totally in Italian (mostly with no English translations):

Every Priest deserves to visit Rome, the center of Catholicism, especially for some on-going formation. For those needing subsidy, kindly ask your Bishop permission to request for help from friends coming from your diocese and are now successful professionals in the US. They may donate through Friends of the Collegio, a IRS 501c3 tax-deductible organization. The website explains how this way they would be helping not only a specific Priest, but the whole Diocese and the Church back home. It also contains draft letters for this purpose, that you may simply edit and show to your Bishop, possibly for his signature.

Please contact us for more information, weekly or monthly board and lodging, miscellaneous expenses such as bus pass, medical insurance requirements, and to suggest other programs that may possibly be added here. Thank you!