Telephones (also to open gate and lobby glass door)

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  • To be able to pass the line to the other cordless phones, the Porter should always use the cordless to answer, not the centralino or fax.
  • When leaving the Portineria, the Porter either brings the cordless phone with him (if within range), or asks the Sisters to substitute.
  • Outside the Porter’s working hours, the Administrators, Sisters or students take turns in manning the cordless, which can reach the various parts of the building and outside.
  • The cordless phones also serve as intercoms, and are located, at:
    • Rector’s Office (Intercom no. 1)
    • Economus’ Office (Intercom no. 2)
    • Spiritual Director’s Office (Intercom no. 3)
    • Portineria (Intercom no. 4)
    • Refectory (Intercom no. 5)
    • Kitchen (Intercom no. 6)
  • To pass the line from a cordless…
    • … to a room: long press zero (for “R” to appear), then the room no
    • … to another cordless phone: press Int, then the Intercom no.
    • … to the fax machine: just press the fax machine’s “Start” button.
  • To call from one cordless to another: press Int, then the Intercom no.
  • To lock or unlock a cordless phone, long press the key symbol.
  • To silence or unsilence a cordless phone, long press the bell symbol.
  • TECHNICAL NOTE: Incoming phone calls from outside Collegio are simultaneously directed to the Portineria centralino (local 400), fax machine (local 401) and the cordless phones (also local 401). But again, the Porter should always use the cordless, not the wired phones, otherwise he cannot pass the line to the other cordless phones.

To open the gates and the lobby glass door

  • SCENARIO 1: When the cordless phone rings, lift it from its charger (or press phone button), then continue below…
  • SCENARIO 2: Without the phone ringing (for example, you see a familiar person at the gate, or someone calls your cel and asks you to open the gate), dial 115, then continue below…
  • You will hear the background noise from the road. You may now talk with the person at the gate. Tell him or her that you will also open the lobby glass door, and to enter the building directly without having to sound the buzzer or wait for you.
  •  Then press any of the numbers below:
    2 = open small gate (pedestrian)
    4 = open big gate (cars)
    3 = open lobby glass door (always press this too)
  • On the other hand, to open the big gate from the lobby without using the phone, press the switch outside the Portineria door, marked “Big Gate”.
  • TECHNICAL NOTE: The gate intercom (“citofono”) is assigned local phone no. 115. This is why, by connecting to 115 from any Collegio telephone, even from individual rooms, one may open the small pedestrian gate, the big vehicular gate, and the lobby glass door.

Setting up the Cordless Phones

  • Up to six cordless handsets can be connected to the Beocom 6000 base station. A Gigaset Repeater 2.0 extends the cordless’s range.
  • PHONE SIGNAL FROM OUTSIDE LINE TO BASE: Line 401 from the Portineria is brought to the base. (Instead of setting up new wires for this, an adaptor may be used instead, that allows both a network signal and a telephone signal to be carried by a single Cat 5 LAN cable.)
  • PHONE SIGNAL FROM BASE TO HANDSET: The Beocom 6000 base station has a button in front of the two charging contacts; pressing the button quickly pages the Beocom 6000 handset. Long press the same button to make the base ready to register cordless handsets. To register each handset, follow its manual. To replace a handset, deregister one first, as only 6 may be connected to the base: this can be done either by registering it to a different base (connected to a landline; see its manual), or by using the deregister (or remove) handset function of the new handset if available, or of the grey Beocom 6000 handset.
  • PHONE SIGNAL FROM BASE TO REPEATER: To register the Gigaset Repeater 2.0 to the Beocom 6000 base, make sure to follow the instructions for manual registration, rather than automatic registration. TO SUMMARIZE (steps 1 and 2 may be interchanged, or done simultaneously by two persons): (1) press the Beocom 6000 base (in between its contacts) five seconds; (2) unplug and replug the Gigaset Repeater, then press its back button five seconds; (3) on any of the previously registered cordless, press “2#” then the call button (or “3#”, etc., to register other repeaters).
    • The Repeater’s left green light remains continuously on when it is properly connected to the base.
    • The Repeater’s right green light makes single flashes when a cordless in use is connected to it rather than to the base.
    • Once in a while, the repeater might disconnect from the base (left green light is off). Just register it again.
    • This process could also work with other types of bases and repeaters – but best is to check their respective manuals.
  • PHONE SIGNAL FROM REPEATER TO HANDSET: To register a handset to the repeater, go to an area beyond the base’s range, but within the Repeater’s range; there, switch the cordless off, and then on. At times, it might be necessary to repeat the registration of a handset to the Repeater – for example, after unplugging the Repeater, or after bringing the cordless back to the base’s range then to the Repeater’s range again.


  • When someone rings from the gate, only the white citofono at the portineria rings, not  the telephones; or there is no dial tone in a cordless: check that all the cordless phones (and the fax machine), are properly hanged up. To do so, dial each cordless phone’s number (press Int, then the Intercom no.) to see which one does not ring (it is the one not hanged up).
  • “Base” appears in cordless phone: switch the cordless phone off and on to register it to the base. If the problem persists:
    • If “Base” also appears in other cordless phones brought to the area, then check the repeater and the base whether they are properly connected (see above, Setting up the Cordless Phones – PHONE SIGNAL FROM BASE TO REPEATER).
    • If “Base” appears in all cordless phones, then maybe the base itself is not properly connected (see above, Setting up the Cordless Phones).
    • Like any other electronics, the Repeater may hang; just register it again.