Vatican: Papal Blessing Parchments

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Papal Blessing Parchments are ordered directly from the Vatican. In this regard, the Collegio Filippino is unable to officially facilitate requests for Papal Blessing Parchments.

The steps to take are basically the following:

1. Order the Papal Blessing Parchments from the Vatican website. If you plan to order many Papal Blessing Parchments, you may include in your letter or fax to them that you wish to order the cheaper parchment models, but still with a large size (that is, not the ones that can be used as bookmarks).

2. Make the online payment. They will take charge of sending the parchments to the address you indicate.

NOTE: in case you cannot reach the websites from the above links, kindly try their website at a higher level, or start from the Vatican homepage, and click on “Office of Papal Charities”.

Please allow a minimum of one to two months for your parchments to arrive.