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04 Apr> a. Palm Sunday


Time: 0800

Place: PCF Crypt

(C) Main Celebrant:

(Cc) Concelebrant:

(MC) Master of Ceremony:

Lectors: 1st Reading-

              2nd Reading-

              Those who will read the Passion-





     • (th) thurifer –

     • (bo) inscense boat bearer –

     • (cb) candle bearers –

     • (cr) cross bearer –

     • (ms) main servers –

The Rite: (adapted to PCF Crypt)

1. Commemoration of the Lord’s Entrance to Jerusalem

– The people gather in a place outside the chapel, holding on to their palm/olive branches.

  • Led by the th, bo, cr, cb, those who will proclaim the Passion, Cc and C leave the sacristy and go to the place where the faithful have gathered.          
  • “Hossána Fìlio David…” may be  sung.

– Arriving at the place, th, bo, cr, & cb,stand behind or near C. Then C begins saying, “In the name of the Father…”, and everybody sign themselves with the +

C greets the people and he or one of the ministers or concelebrants may introduce the rite.

– Extending his hands, C then says the Prayer of Blessing. Then ms presents the holy water vat and sprinkler to him, and C sprinkles the palm/olive branches with holy water without saying anything.

– Proclamation of the Gospel: th and bo, accompanied by cb approach C. C places some incense on the thurible without saying anything and blesses it as usual. C or one of the Cc joins cb, th and bo in procession towards the ambo and proclaims the Gospel: (A) Mt. 21:1-11. | (B) Mk. 1:1-10. | (C) Lk. 19:28-40.

– A brief homily may be given.

– Then, to begin the procession an invitation is given Cc or C himself in these or similar words: “Dear brethren like the crowds who acclaimed Jesus…”

– The procession to the church where mass will be celebrated proceeds in this order: th, bo, cr, cb, those who will proclaim the Passion, Cc, C and all the faithful carrying their palm/olive branches.

– As the Procession actually enters the church or begins to move down the aisle towards the sanctuary, “Púeri Hebræórum….” “Hossána in excélsis” or other suitable chant in honor of Christ the King is sung.

– On arriving at the sanctuary, the ministers go to their respective place. C hands his palm/olive branch to one of the ms and genuflects/bows and proceeds to kiss the altar. th gives the thurible to C who then incenses the altar and the crucifix as usual. After this, C goes to his chairs, takes off his cope (if he is wearing) and dawns the red chasuble.

Omitting the Sign of the Cross, the other Introductory Rites and the Penitential Rite C says: “Let us pray” and the Collect of the Mass, which concludes the procession. A server may collect the palm branches of those ministers in the sanctuary and takes them to the credence table or another suitable place.

4. Liturgy of the Word:

– Is. 50:4-7 / Ps. 22:8-9.17-18.19-20.23-24 / Phil. 2:6-11

– (A) Mt. 26:14 — 27:66 | (B) Mk. 14:1 — 15:47 | (C) Lk. 22:14 — 23:56 or their corresponding shorter form

– After the second reading, all stand for the acclamation before the Passion. Those who will proclaim the Passion go to the lecterns in the sanctuary, each carrying a book of the Passion. The narrator stands at the central lectern, Christ on his right, the crowd on his left. The narrative of the Lord’s Passion is read without candles, without incense, without the initial greeting and marking of the book with the cross. After the verse recounting the death of Our Lord, all kneel. At the end, “The Gospel of the Lord” is said, but the book is not kissed. Those who proclaimed the Passion go before the altar, bow to it and return to their places.

5. Homily

6. The Creed and the Prayers of the Faithful

7. Liturgy of the Eucharist

– The Mass proceeds as usual

– Proper Preface: The Passion of the Lord  P19

8. Communion Rite

9. Concluding Rite

 – Sol Bl 5

Things to prepare:

– In the place of commemoration: microphone?, ambo, holy water vat and sprinkler, missal, lectionary,

– Roman Missal/ Order of Holy Week (Proper, Commemoration, Introductory Rites & Penitential Rite are omitted, Proper Pf, Sol Bl5)

– Lectionary, Book of the Passion, Prayers of the Faithful

– on the credence table: chalice, paten, purificator, corporal, pal, ciborium with sufficient amount of host, ewer and basin, finger towel, purifier bowl, book stand, tabernacle key

– in the sanctuary: chairs for the ministers, microphones and lecterns for readers of the Gospel Narrative, (red chasuble draped on the chair of C wears a cope for the processions)

– in the nave: table, ciborium with sufficient amount of host, cruets & other offerings

– in the sacristy: thurible, incense boat, cross adorned by palm branches, candles, red cope, red chasuble, palm branches for the priests and other ministers


– Servers:

– Lectors:

– Those who will proclaim the Passion

Musica Sacra:

– Hossána

– Púeri Hebræórum

– no singing before the reading of the Passion



-Holy Week Schedule

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