Your Collaboration

The Collegio’s aim is to provide ongoing priestly formation as a service for our dioceses back home. Supporting the Collegio is not merely supporting an institution, and supporting a priest is not simply supporting a person. Rather, any assistance you extend to the Collegio’s operations or for the priests’ scholarships is really a help for the Philippine Church.

The reason for this is that after their few years in Rome, our priests will go home to serve their dioceses of origin. Most are assigned to specialized ministries such as the seminary or diocesan curia, or to any other place where they are most needed. They will train our priests present and future, the religious and our lay. They will provide support to the Bishop especially in his difficult tasks.

Being an entity of the Catholic Bishop’s Conference, the Collegio is at the service of the whole Church in the Philippines, including our Filipinos in diaspora all over the world. And being under the Vatican’s Congregation for the Clergy, the Collegio is at the service of other countries as well, accommodating priests from countries who do not have their own Collegios, and having alumni serving abroad, including in the Vatican itself.

The Collegio priests, Sisters and lay personnel sincerely thank and pray for your our dear benefactors. Your prayers and financial support will go a long way. You are truly collaborators in our mission to bring the Gospel to the whole world…