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07 Jul-Sep> Summer Activities

Newcomers study Italian during the months of July to September. Old timers who opt to stay at the Collegio during summer are expected to make the newcomers feel welcome to their new home, accompanying them in meals, prayers and other activities to the extent possible. All are encouraged to speak in Italian, especially during meals, to make the most out of the newcomers’ efforts.

Daily Schedule

Our daily schedule, adapted to the Italian course the newcomers are taking, is as follows:

7.00 – Santa Messa con Lodi ed omelia breve
7.45 – prima colazione
8.15 – andare alle lezioni
9.00 – lezioni
13.00 – pranzo (in italiano), tempo libero, studio
17.00 – sport
19.00 – Santo Rosario, Vespri
19.30 – cena (in italiano)
20.15 – incontro informale / conversazione in italiano
21.00 – tempo libero

Weekly schedules

> Domenica – Santa Messa con le comunità filippine
Giovedì alle 18.30 – Ora Santa (con predica di 10 minuti)
Venerdì alle 20.15 – film in italiano dopo cena
Sabato alle 9.00 – partire per l’escursione o pellegrinaggio (tornare verso le 18.00)

Monthly recollection (Fridays)

July 20, August 17, September 14

18.30 – riflessione guidata
19.00 – Santo Rosario, Vespri
19.30 – cena (in silenzio)
20.00 – exposizione, riflessione
21.00 – compiete

Household Chores

We are also assigned tasks as needed to coordinate activities and keep our home orderly, especially during periods with limited staff. In particular, the newcomers distribute among themselves the following roles (one or more for each priest):

> Coordinator – document requirements, schedules, etc.
Treasurer – money matters
Liturgy – assign daily and Sunday Masses, prepare recollections, etc.
> Academic –  language course requirements and aids, etc.
> Cultural – prepare films, research pilgrimage and excursion sites, etc.


Films and excursions will further help expose you to the history of the Church and of our host country, Italy, during summer.

The following classic films focus on Church and Italian realities:

> Vacanze Romane
> Quo Vadis
> The Scarlet and the Black
> Brother Sun Sister Moon
> La vita è bella

To practice Italian by watching a film, it would be good to set the audio to Italian, with subtitles in English.

Excursion Sites

(with small contribution for gasoline, toll, train fare, entrance fees, etc.)

> Rome by day
Rome by night
San Pietro (con Santa Messa), Giardini Vaticani
Pompeii, US Navy Base
Catacombe di San Genaro a Napoli, Montecassino
Villa d’Este
Viterbo (in treno)
> Assisi

Castel Gandolfo, Divino Amore
Catacombe di San Calisto (con Santa Messa)

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