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09 Sep/Oct> Retreat

The Annual Retreat is part of any Priests’ on-going formation program. All Collegio Priests are expected to attend the Annual Retreat organized by the Collegio, even if some might have already attended, or plan to attend, other retreats. This is because our retreat underlines points for reflection specific for priestly life as student residents of the Collegio here in Rome. “The student-priests must always make time for their spiritual monthly recollection, and annual retreat, absence from any of which could only be premised on truly grave reason(s)” (Ordinances, I. SPIRITUAL LIFE. 3. Retreat and Recollection https://pcfroma.org/kb/ii-ordinances/).

All Universities, including those who have scheduled classes or other activities on the days of the retreat, understand that the retreat is part of ongoing formation; that other Collegios schedule retreats during the school year and therefore their students might also miss classes for the retreat at some point; that our students can ask their classmates regarding the initial lessons they might miss; and that there is no other better time slot during the school year to hold the retreat, because during breaks our students do pastoral work or have other plans (i.e., it is more difficult to schedule a retreat during Christmas, Holy Week, Easter week or summer break).

At any rate, if anyone finds it impossible due to some grave reason to attend the whole retreat from Thursday after breakfast until Sunday after breakfast, please personally approach the Rector if you are in Rome, or email him if you are out of town, at least ten days before the retreat, so that your special case could be properly discussed. Note that some plane tickets can be rebooked without fees if needed. Those who do not contact the Rector will be included in the list of participants. (Even if you have already spoken with the Rector months ahead, kindly confirm with him again, just to make sure.)

The retreat house charges according to the number of rooms and amount of food prepared. Hence we have to give them the exact number of participants ahead of time, so we do not end up uselessly paying for unused rooms or extra food prepared. We also need to have the list of names, for the room assignments, groupings and preparation of materials.

Those who have Sunday Masses in Rome around 11:00 a.m. or later will still be able to arrive on time for the Mass. Those with earlier Masses, or out of Rome, could kindly confer with the Rector as to possible arrangements or alternatives.