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10 Oct> Picture Taking

The Community picture taking is held when the Chairman of the Episcopal Commission on the Pontificio Collegio Filippino (ECPCF, of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines) is in Rome. A good time would be on a Saturday around 30 minutes before the morning Mass, so that most would be around, except those who have weekend pastoral work outside Rome. Wearing alb and stole would be most convenient.

Please take into account:

  • Lighting: the Main Chapel lights seem to be sufficient, if the picture is edited. Adding spotlights could be tried, though shadows might still be difficult to control. Best is to observe lighting conditions days ahead.
  • Seating arrangement: the ECPCF Chairman is at the center, and beside him, other bishops if present. To their right, the Collegio Administrators, and to their left, the Sisters.
  • Make sure all priests, Sisters, personnel, and guest Bishops, are well informed of the picture taking schedule, and whether Mass would immediately follow.