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Cool in Summer

  1. In the tropics, the tendency is for us to open the windows for cross ventilation and to feel cooler inside the house. This works especially well with wooden structures (which have lower capacity to absorb heat) and houses with less cemented grounds surrounding it.
  2. On the other hand in Rome, the city itself is covered with asphalt roads, while buildings are constructed using stone, cement, metals and marble.
    • All these materials have a high heat capacity, that is, the ability to store heat from the air and sunlight.
    • Furthermore, there are relatively only a few trees and plants to cool the city down, unlike in our countries back home.
  3. Thus, the best way to keep the PCF building hot during summer is by allowing sunlight and warm air to heat up our floors, furniture, walls and ceilings.
    • To do this, keep all the windows and doors open during the day, when it is very hot outside the building.
    • The heat from the air and sunlight, as well as heat radiated by our asphalt roads (especially in front of the lobby), will quickly heat the inside of our building as well.
  4. On the contrary, to avoid heating up the PCF building, the best move is to block hot air by closing the doors and windows, and block sunlight by lowering the blinds. In particular, when it is hot outside, kindly keep the following closed:
    • lobby glass doors
    • lobby windows
    • refectory windows (open only during meals for ventilation)
    • recreation hall windows (but keep open when food aroma fills the hall)
    • glass doors to each wing of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors (to minimize the flow of air that will bring hot air up the building and eventually escape, sucking in hotter air from the lower floors)
  5. To cool the building down, doors and windows should be kept open the whole night.
    • the cooler air outside will enter and cool down the building the whole night
    • there is no sunlight to heat up the building inside
    • however, the main lobby door should be closed at night for security; the smaller windows surrounding it should be open along with the lighter glass door second layer
  6. Some references explaining the need to close doors and windows during the day when it is hot outside: