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Dishwasher (Lavastoviglia)

1. Using the Dishwasher

a. Remove food from the dishes and utensils. Soak in warm water while waiting for the next load into the dishwasher, to dissolve or soften remaining food particles and easier cleaning by the machine.

b. Put them into the cestino (plastic rack). The machine sprays water from above and below, so take care not to put dishes on top of other dishes.

c. Insert the cestino into the dishwasher, and start the washing cycle, which lasts two minutes.

2. Maintenance

a. Daily: check level of detergent (detersivo) and polisher (brillatante).

b. Every two weeks: add salt to the dolcificatore

c. Every three months: run the anti-calcare wash.

d. Have enough stock of consumables: detersivo, brillatante, anti-calcare.

e. Contact the technician in case of malfunctioning, such as: too much bubble is produced, dishes are not cleaned well, frequent salt deposits (calcare).

3. Proper use and maintenance will assure good functioning of the machine (better cleaning, savings on consumables, less repairs, etc.), as well as safety for our health (clean and sanitized dishes and utensils, less acidity, no contamination of detergents, etc.).