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Door Electronic Locks

Glass door lock

  • When all keys are unlighted, pressing the asterisk (*) at the lower right sounds a doorbell.
  • Unit may be unlocked using password (for Admin), fingerprint (residents; press finger well on the scanner), card (for example, lent to guests) or remote control.
  • After 5 invalid entry attempts, the lock sounds an alarm. Unit also displays “Warning” and a countdown for 180 seconds. Use remote control to open immediately, or just wait and try again. (The Admin cannot override it with a fingerprint, password or card.)
  • To keep always unlocked: Admin unlocks, then press “2” & “8” (which by the way always light up whenever the Admin unlocks). Unit displays a check mark and “Unlock setting”, while voice says “Already entered open normal mode”.
  • To return to normal lock mode (instead of always unlocked): Turn knob to make latch appear one second, then turn knob back so latch disappears. Unit displays “Lock setting”, while voice says “Normal open mode already cancelled”.
  • To enter the Admin Menu: Touch the scanner with a wrong fingerprint to light the numbers up, and wait for “Input keys” display. Press “0” & “#”.