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B. Education Commission Tasks

1.                 From the Council of Co-Responsibles Manual

a.        As a team they initiate activities that will foster intellectual and cultural ferment.
b.       It invites resource persons for academic and updating conferences.
c.        Assists the Library-in-Charge in the up-keep of the PCF library.
d.       Chronicles, documents and files community events (also through multimedia), thesis defenses, notes on special visitors such as Bishops or government officials, or any other information that would be valuable or appreciated in the future.
e.        Takes care of the equipment used for documentation, such as camera and other media room paraphernalia.
f.         Collects from graduating Priests hard and soft copy (if the author permits its distribution), of their Doctoral Thesis or Licentiate Tesina.
g.       Serves as Registration Committee during special events.

h. Prints and frames the annual directory and community picture.

2. Major sub-roles (one or more Priests per item, other than the Commission Head)

a.        Academic Conferences inviting guests
i.         propose topics and invite speakers (including PCF Priests)
ii.       invite attendees, including outsiders

b.       Academic sessions for PCF Priests
i.         skills for studies and paper writing: English writing style, study techniques, MS Word (outlining, thesaurus, track changes, mail merge…), computer (file management, back-ups, cloud, dual screen…), note taking, website, foreign languages, smartphone electronic calendar, printer options, scanning (loose sheets, back to back using library printer) …
ii.       offer mock defense for Licentiate and Doctorate

c.        Remind and facilitate as needed, for example:
i.         Library: suggest ways to keep library in order; return books; silence (no internet calls, use headphones for videos, leave library to respond to phone calls preferably near the elevator; switch off all library and library corridor lights at night)
ii.       come up with Licentiate thesina topic and outline, with the help of a professor moderator, if possible by second semester of second to the last year
iii.      (help) gather documents for group processing of Celebret, Tessera Sanitaria, etc.

d.       Photographers and videographers
i.         document community activities inside and outside PCF; file and backup these images
ii.       for special Masses, kindly celebrate earlier or later, to be free to move around during the special Masses, and not take pictures while celebrating

e.        Chronicle PCF activities
i.         even short paragraphs describing an activity, event, visit of a personality, birthday celebration, death of a Priest’s relative, etc.
ii.       put in a file, with regular back-up

f.         Media room and related equipment; maintain corkboards, whiteboards and University-related materials such as handbooks

3.                 Coordinate with other Commissions during special occasions

a.        request Temporal: venue, decoration, equipment

4.                 Inventory