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FB Messenger groups

The Collegio has the following Facebook Messenger groups:

1. PCF Board: official and Clergy-specific channel

  • This group is especially for quick information or reminders, imminent tasks, approaching major schedules, reflections programmed by Spiritual Director, emergencies, etc.
  • In general, we keep this PCF Board very specific to Collegio concerns, and thus there is no need to post things that we already get from other groups.
  • To keep our messages official and streamlined, please avoid posting beautiful reflections, jokes, news (except perhaps for urgent Church news that we might not usually receive from other sources), political messages, homily guides, etc.
  • Please always post in Italian or English, not in Filipino or other languages, so that everyone could understand.
  • Current PCF Priests are included in this group, while alumni are removed.
  • This is equivalent to the dioceses’ clergy messaging group. As for the PCF Sisters’ and Lay Personnel concerns, the PCF Administration communicates with them directly in different message groups.

2. PCF Tambayan: non-official channel, for PCF unofficial updates

  • This is for unofficial updates, anecdotes, celebrations, homily guides by Collegio Priests, excursions, etc.
  • Since we already receive a lot of messages from other sources, we could maintain this group a bit Collegio-specific, though not official.
  • No need to post here what we have already posted on PCF Board, so as not to duplicate messages.
  • Alumni may opt to remain in this group.

3. PCF Photos: pictures of activities are placed here, so as not to overload PCF Tambayan

4. PCF Alumni: to maintain contact with alumni worldwide

5. Some batches also have their own Messenger groups. Please coordinate with your batch mates accordingly.