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Friends of the Collegio Adopt-a-Diocese

Friends of the Collegio (based in Seattle, WA) facilitates adoption of Dioceses, to enable them to send priests to the Collegio for further studies, without having to rely on the traditional scholarship agencies’s dwindling funds.

With 12 friends giving $100 a month (or P5,000), any Diocese can very easily cover their priest’s board and lodging, tuition and most other expenses in Rome.

This way the Philippine Church will be assured of specialists for the Seminaries, Tribunals, Media Offices (reaching out to secular and government outfits as well), Interreligious Dialogue, and so on – indispensible as she forms simple lay people and intellectuals alike, continually evangelizes the world’s third largest Catholic country, carries out her prophetic role in Philippine society, and leads as the Catholic majority in Asia (60% of Asian Catholics are Filipinos).