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Washing Machines

such as wool and not heavily soiled clothes, whether white or colored:

  • “02” on the left red display
  • “1” for 30 degrees
  • “3” to start

PROGRAM WITH PRE-WASHING (dirty clothes; pre-washing initially removes the dirt using a bit of soap, then changes the water, so that actual washing is with new clean water):

  • “01” on the left red display
  • “*” for 40 degrees (or buttons to the left for warmer water)
  • “2” for pre-lavaggio
  • “3” to start

ELECTRICAL SUPPLY MAY BE CUT by lowering the corresponding switches in the box by the door leading to the ironing area: for the dryer (“asciugatrice”), the big ironing machine (“mangano”), “Lavatrice 1” (small washing machine), “Lavatrice 2” (right big washing machine), and “Lavatrice 3” (left big washing machine).

THE BLUE BOX UNDER THE RED SOAP PUMPS beeps when one of the soap tanks is empty. An LED indicates the number (1-4) of the tank that has to be replaced.

The number of each tank is indicated on the hose.