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I. In General

1. This Manual outlines tasks to help the Administrators carry out their specific roles, based on the principles of collegiality and subsidiarity, and to thus attain the Collegio’s objectives, stated in its Statues:

The over-all objective of the College is to provide the facilities and the environment suited principally to Filipino diocesan priests, carefully chosen and formally sent by their Bishops, for the pursuit of higher studies in ecclesiastical educational centers in Rome, for their continuous priestly formation “sub umbra Petri” and for their subsequent ministry back in the Homeland. (Statutes III. Objective).

2. The Administrators’ efforts in caring for the Collegio, which is at present their primary pastoral assignment, will have a very direct impact in the Philippine Church, considering that after only a few years, the graduates can in turn contribute much to the pastoral work in their respective dioceses, whether as seminary formators, heads of specialized ministries, or in the parishes.

3. The Administrators’ mutual concern and unity will not only help them be strengthened by each other, but would also serve as a visible example of ecclesial communion and priestly fraternity for the other priests.

4. To help them know the students well, foment community life, and make decisions for the good of the community, the Administrators periodically dialogue with residents individually or in groups, and conduct formal or informal evaluation meetings with them.

5. The Administrators perform other duties that the Episcopal Commission on the Pontificio Collegio Filippino (ECPCF) of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) assigns from time to time. In a special way, they go out of their way to welcome the Philippine Bishops into their Home in Rome.

6. The Collegio gives to the Administrators the following benefits:
a. Board and lodging.
b. Medical insurance.
c. Monthly stipend, 13th-month stipends, and if there is net income, 14th-month as well.
d. Retreat and other on-going formation as opportune.
e. Annual Vacation of 30 days within July to August, with paid ticket to the Philippines every two years.