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I. The PCF Community

This Council of Co-Responsibles’ handbook was formulated by a team of Students and the Rector, and after several revisions, was approved by the Priests’ Assembly in its 10th ad hoc meeting on March 17, 2016.

1. The PCF Community refers to all the Resident Student-Priests, Administrators, Religious Sisters and Lay personnel of the Pontificio Collegio Filippino. In addressing their common concerns and in the furtherance of their respective missions and collaboration, they manifest solidarity in community activities. The General Assembly is the meeting of the PCF Community, the Priests’ Assembly is the meeting of all resident priests.

2. The PCF student-priests are those formally sent by their Local Ordinaries and duly accepted by the Administration for the purpose of further studies in the various Pontifical Universities and Institutes in Rome. Under the care, direction and formative counsel of the PCF Administrators, they envision themselves to earn Ecclesiastical degrees, and at the same time enhance their priestly life through on-going human, spiritual, community life, and pastoral formation.

3. Intended primarily for Filipino priests, the PCF admits as well non-Filipinos in a case to case basis, through special arrangements by their respective Local Ordinaries, the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines, and the PCF Administration. Non-Filipino student-residents, therefore, form part of the PCF Community and The General Assembly. With their own diverse cultures and experiences, they contribute uniquely to fraternal communion and the enrichment of sacramental brotherhood among priests.