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II. Porter / Driver

A. Reports to the Procurator, as well as to the Sisters.

B. Job Description

1. Mans the Portineria:
a. Answers calls and opens the gates and main lobby glass door.
b. Requests the Sisters to substitute if he needs to leave the portineria for other official errands during his working hours.
c. Brings the cordless phone while doing other tasks not requiring his absence from the cordless phone range, or not getting his hands dirty, so that he could still open the gate and glass doors, and receive visitors or deliveries. Otherwise he requests the Sisters to substitute for him in manning the portineria or at least the cordless phone.
d. Distributes mail, and returns wrong mail to the Post Man or Post Office on next opportunity. Delivers mail for Parco Tireno to their guardhouse, through the basketball court area. Put mail for PCF alumni in the corresponding pigeonhole: in Rome, Italy outside Rome, Philippines. When feasible, contact and ask the addressee what to with the mail, or send the mail through somebody going to the addressee’s area.
e. Receives and keeps visitors in the designated areas.
f. Receives guests, orients them about the basics services and house rules, and leads them to their assigned rooms.

2. Every day:
a. Cleans the entrance stairs and the lobby.
b. Winds the lobby wall clock, and when needed, adjusts it to follow cel network time.
c. Refills toilet papers (with the extra rolls placed on the heater radiators, not by the mirror or washbasin) and soap dispensers.
d. Raises the window blinds of the recreation hall upon reporting for work, and lowers them before leaving in the evening.
e. Notes down messages left in the answering machine.
f. Maintains the fax machine.
g. Puts to order the chairs, tables, sofas and other furniture in these areas as needed. In particular, returns the San Lorenzo painting to the wall if it has been removed.
h. Keeps the doors closed during cold and hot weather, to avoid temperature extremes in the building.

3. Every other day:
a. Cleans the corridor between the refectory and the San Lorenzo hall, the portineria, the visitors’ toilets, visitor’s lounge, TV room, Lorenzo hall, Kanto, gym and TV sets.

4. Once a month:
a. Cleans the lobby glass door and other glass, lobby windows

5. With the help of the Sisters and volunteers
a. Dusts the furniture, frames, computers and other objects in these areas.
b. Waters plants and disposes of garbage in these areas.

6. Takes charge of proper functioning of machines, and attends to usual maintenance and repairs.
a. Sees to it that the requests made using repair slips are attend to as soon as possible, and returns the repair slips to the Procurator with the proper annotations (date accomplished, and when applicable, difficulties encountered, suggestions, etc.).
b. Maintains systems used in heating, water supply, electricity, laundry, kitchen, etc.
c. Sees to it that there are always two spare bulbs for the more common lights, and replenish supplies on the next opportunity.
d. Maintains the portineria fax machine.
e. Replaces the photocopier toner as needed, and at the same time orders a spare toner cartridge.
f. Monitors and maintains window rollers, which often malfunction and have to be fixed.
g. During extraordinary repairs such as painting or remodeling, the areas around them should be maintained clean to the extent possible, for example, by providing both moist and dry rugs for those passing by to clean their shoes, mopping any dirty area outside the zone being repaired so the dust is not spread by the wind or shoes, etc.

7. Drives on official and on authorized trips, usually for the Sisters for marketing, and when needed for the Rector, Procurator, SD and guest Bishops.

8. Attends to the Collegio vehicles and garage.
a. Locks the garage gates at the end of his work hours.
b. Cleans the inside and outside the vehicles.
c. Checks tire pressure, and check for busted lights.
d. Checks fluids level: oil, radiator, wiper water.
e. Rotates the tires as indicated in the manuals.
f. Cleans the garage and side roads leading to the garage. Makes sure nothing is under the main water pipes, as condensed water drops from them.
g. Keeps the vehicles’ documents updated (registration, insurance, Bollino Blu, general check-up, etc.), and keeps them in their proper places.

9. Maintains the grounds of the Collegio.

10. Informs the Sister-in-charge of needed house supplies.

11. Performs other tasks the Administrators and Sisters may assign when needed, ideally outside the time when calendared tasks have been scheduled.