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II. Rector

A. Tasks in General

1. Reports to the Congregation for the Clergy and the ECPCF.

2. Supervises, delegating tasks as needed, in carrying out their roles:
a. the Vice-Rector / Procurator.
b. the Spiritual Director.
c. the Sisters in their role as Office Assistant.
d. The Council of Co-Responsibles, especially certain offices, as indicated in their guides.

B. Task Sectors

1. Exercises general supervision over the Collegio in its day-to-day operations and is responsible for seeing to the implementation of the Collegio’s internal Statues and Ordinances, and the policies and directives of the ECPCF.

2. Acts as Executive Secretary of the ECPCF.
a. Receives instructions and communicates with the Holy See, specifically with the Congregation for the Clergy, on matters regarding the Collegio.
b. Communicates with the CBCP and with individual Bishops pertinent to their respective priests residing in the Collegio, and makes regular reports to the ECPCF.

3. Acts as the legal representative of the Collegio and as such, handles communications with the Italian ecclesiastical and civil authorities, as well as Embassies, and assists the students process their papers requiring the Rector’s certification, such as:
a. Admission process
b. Entry visa to Italy.
c. Permesso di Soggiorno.
d. Celebret from the Vicariato di Roma.
e. Medical insurance.
f. Account at the Istituto per le Opere di Religione.
g. University enrolment procedures.
h. Visa applications for other countries.

4. Assists the students in applying for other documents, such as:
a. Codice Fiscale.
b. Celfone SIM card.
c. Annual transport pass.

5. Supervises and moderates the pastoral activities of the students in coordination with the Chaplain of the Filipino Migrants in Rome and in other dioceses.

6. Attends meetings of ARCER (Associazione dei Rettori dei Collegio Ecclesiastici a Roma) or of universities inviting Collegio Rectors.

7. Maintains a close line of communications with the Philippine Embassies to the Holy See and to Italy.

C. Past Rectors

[to be completed]