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II. The Nature and Functions of the Council of Co-Responsibles

1. The Council of Co-Responsibles is a body of elected officers who perform functions contributory to the good of the PCF Community. Towards this end, the Council members are co-Responsible among themselves and with the PCF Administration, which has advisory functions within it.

2. The Council represents the student-priests, their interests and concerns.

3. The Council does not issue policies, nor does it legislate without the Administration. The Council meets on its own in a regular basis inviting the Administration whenever needed.

4. The Functions of the Council
a. Facilitates, initiates, and implements community activities;
b. Acts as liaison between the Administration and the student-priests.
c. Encourages dialogue, participation, consultation and teamwork within the community.
d. Prepares the agenda for the priests’ assembly.
e. Plans the Calendar of Activities for the next school year.
f. Appoints some specific functions in the community (e.g. special occasions) and assigns members to every commission based on each student-priest’s expressed three preferences. If needed, they may still be assigned to a Commission they did not specify.