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III. Cook

A. Reports to the Procurator, as well as to the Sisters.

B. Job Description

1. Prepares the food for all the meals of the community.
a. Cooks the food according to the menu prepared by the Sister Kitchen Supervisor.
b. For every meal, sets aside food for the Sisters and for the lay Personnel.
c. Prepares food to be brought up by the Priests for the sick: * prepared before the bell for meals is rung; * placed on a tray, on the long table in the refectory; * with a little special detail, like dispensers (salt, pepper, vinegar, oil, ketchup – depending on the food) * with additional dessert that can double as snacks, etc.

2. Prepares the refectory and sets the table for breakfast:
a. Raises all the blinds in the refectory and dishwashing areas during cold weather.
b. Switches off lights in the dishwashing area.
c. If it is dark in refectory, switches on the middle set of lights only.
d. Keeps the door from the refectory to the dining area closed during cold and hot weather, to avoid temperature extremes in the refectory.
e. Puts on the center table the marmalades, honey and other foodstuff for breakfast (that would otherwise not be noticed if left inside the refrigerator or on the table by the wall near the coffee machine).

3. Maintains cleanliness and order in the kitchen, storage areas, lay Personnel’s refectory, lavatory and surrounding outdoor area.
a. Washes and dries before storing all cooking implements; puts their shelves to order.
b. Keeps stove and oven surfaces free of grease and dirt every after cooking.
c. On Thursday mornings, after quickly serving the Italian breakfast, does a general cleaning of the stove, oven and exhaust fan.
d. Returns the utensils to their proper places.
e. Keeps the food elevator door closed at all times, so that the refectorian may call it from above.
f. Mops the kitchen floors.
g. Removes cobwebs in the kitchen area.

4. In particular, takes special care of the sinks, as they can easily get blocked. For example:
a. Remove all crumbs and food pieces before washing the dishes and utensils.
b. Always use the sink strain.
c. Does not water plants over the sink, as mud can block the drain.

5. Informs the Sister Kitchen Supervisor of the needed food and kitchen supply.

6. Performs other tasks the Administrators and Sisters may assign when needed, ideally outside the time when calendared tasks have been scheduled.