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III. The Members and Functions of the Council of Co-Responsibles

A. The Elective Members:

1. The Coordinator
a. As Capo of the Council, he acts as liaison between the student-Priests and the Administration.
b. He calls and presides over the meeting of the Council of Co-Responsibles (usually on the first Wednesday of the month) and the Priests’ Assembly (usually on the first Friday of the month).
c. He coordinates the various activities of the community throughout the year.
d. He orients the incoming Coordinator for the following academic year.
e. In the annual Election of Officers, he chairs the Commission on Elections.

2. The Vice-Coordinator
a. He takes over the function of the Capo in his absence and/ or upon his delegation.
b. He performs functions and tasks assigned or delegated to him by the Coordinator.
c. He oversees the work of the various Commissions and makes sure the team spirit is operative in these structures.

3. The Secretary
a. He keeps the minutes and agenda of all the meetings of the Co-Responsibles and those of the Priests’ Assembly and disseminates electronic copies to everyone promptly.
b. He takes care of the Community Files and turns them over to the incoming Secretary of the next academic year.
c. He prepares and posts the monthly community calendar on the bulletin board, which he maintains.
d. He prepares the directory of cellular phones, emails, birthdays, and anniversaries for the year.
e. He is in charge of making the room directory per floor and updated phone directories for the individual phones.
f. He is the custodian of the Community Photocopy Card.

4. The Treasurer
a. He is the custodian of community funds.
b. He collects contributions and raises funds for the Council’s projects (e.g., cable TV, snow outing, pilgrimage payments, etc.) in coordination with the class treasurers.
c. He is responsible for paying certain bills.
d. He makes quarterly financial reports to the Community.
e. He facilitates the distribution of Mass stipends, e.g., from PCF and Convents.

5. The Commissions Heads
a. They are the moderators of the different Commissions.
b. They promote the ideal of “team ministry” among their members.
c. They preside over their respective commissions, pursue their objectives, and implement their projects.
d. They plan with their members their activities and projects for the year, defining and assigning particular tasks.
e. They take note of experiences throughout the year, so that their successors may begin their term of service at an advantage.
f. They orient and turn over all the files and implements (notes of experiences, soft and hard copies of materials used, equipment, etc.) to the new Commission heads as soon as possible.
g. They shall furnish a copy of all Commission files to the outgoing Secretary for proper filing in the PCF Archives.

B. Ex-officio Members:

The Class Beadles are also members of the Council of Co-Responsibles: First Years, Second Years, and Third Years and up. They are elected by each class at the start of the school year.