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III. Vice-Rector and Economus

A. Tasks in General

1. Reports to the Rector.

2. Supervises, delegating tasks as needed, in carrying out their roles.
a. the Sisters in their roles as: (i) Kitchen Supervisor, (ii) Laundry in Charge and, (iii) Substitute Porter.
b. the Personnel.
c. certain offices of the Council of Co-Responsibles, as indicated in their guides.

B. Task Sectors

1. Takes the place of the Rector at the Rector’s request, absence or indisposition.

2. Job summary: Sees to the administration, planning, direction and control of all matters and activities relative to the material and financial requirements of the Collegio, as detailed in the following points.

3. Handles all financial transactions of the Collegio and their files.
a. Maintains proper accounting of all Collegio funds and properties.
b. Deposits and withdraws funds from the bank.
c. Budgets cash inflow and outflow.
d. Receives payments from residents and donations from friends.
e. Coordinates purchases and payments of all accounts.
f. Makes disbursements as authorized by the Rector.
g. With the endorsement of the Rector, corresponds with Bishops and funding institutions regarding financial matters.
h. Makes periodic money market analysis for better allocation of dollar resources vis-à-vis Euro obligations and makes appropriate recommendations on the placement of resources.
i. Helps prepare periodic financial reports and statements for the EC-PCF.

4. Takes charge of personnel affairs.
a. Coordinates with the Rector in hiring and firing, communicating with the accountant (ragioniere) as needed.
b. Pays their wages, gives out cash advances when deemed appropriate, and monitors their payments.
c. Designates roles for proper operation, evaluates performance, and calls personnel’s attention and imposes penalties as needed.

5. Controls the use, maintenance, transfer, or removal of all Collegio properties, including furniture, decorations, common areas, fixtures, tools, electronic devices, vehicles, and sports facilities and equipment, as well as building, kitchen, laundry, mechanical, electrical, heating, plumbing and sanitation equipment and supplies; and that they are always orderly, clean, optimally functioning, presentable, and whenever feasible, improved or upgraded.
a. Keeps an inventory of non-consumable Collegio property.
b. Maintains the inventory of consumable supplies.
c. Ensures that the proper licenses, permits, insurances, taxes, and other contracts, legal papers and obligations are duly undertaken and up to date.
d. Facilitates repairs and maintenance jobs. Supervises personnel and external servicemen in matters pertaining to building systems maintenance and repair, ensuring that they perform the services specified in the contracts and decreed by law (e.g., keeping their areas clean and secured, free of dirt and oil drippings, with no foreign objects in the locale, properly locked and labelled with warning signs, with working emergency lights, etc.).

6. Manages the communications systems, including:
a. telephone lines and their charges.
b. computers for community use (library, lobby, media room, etc.) and the internet.
c. photocopier cum printer: teaches users how to load paper, remove jammed paper and replace toner cartridge; calls the technician for repairs or to order a spare toner cartridge, etc.
d. televisions.
e. sound systems and projectors.

7. Ensures proper security in the Collegio premises, building, and equipment: secures possible entry points, maintains the inventory of keys, etc.

8. Regulates the admission and care of guests.
a. Notes down names of guests and booking requests in the database, and posts a copy of the guest list at the Reception.
b. Makes keys available for cleaners, the Sisters (in the case of Bishop guests, so they can put snacks) and the guests.
c. Coordinates transportation requests of guest Bishops. At certain moments a Bishop might not see the Procurator but instead the Rector or the Spiritual Director, and would like to follow up his request for transport; hence the Procurator should make accessible to the other Administrators 1a list of whom he has requested to drive.

9. Performs other duties that the Rector may assign from time to time.

C. Past Vice-Rectors and Economus
1. 1961-1967:  Fr. Carmelo Dominador F. Morelos.
2. 1967-1978:  Fr. Patricio López.
3. 1978-1982:  Fr. Vicente Brigoli.
4. 1982-1983:  Fr. Francisco Padilla.
5. 1983-1985:  Fr. Edwin E. Mercado.
6. 1985-1990:  Fr. Ismael Misolas.
7. 1990-1992:  Fr. Rodrigo San Pedro.
8. 1990-1997:  Fr. Honesto F. Ongtioco.
9. 1997-1999:  Fr. Ruperto C. Santos.
10. 1999-2008:  Fr. Enrico Emmanuel A. Ayo.
11. 2008-2017:  Mons. Wilfredo E. Andrey.
12. 2017 to present: Fr. Rey Jose D. Ragudos