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Outsiders’ Use of Main Chapel and Recreation Hall or Lobby

Thank you very much for your request to use the Pontificio Collegio Filippino facilities. You are most welcome to our humble abode. To help us maintain our home, kindly note the following, in coordination with your Collegio contact person.

1. Email to the Collegio the following information:

  • DATE (Sundays, outside exam period only): __________
  • TIME (7:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m. only): __________
    cel no: __________
  • CONTACT PERSON: __________
    cel no.: __________
  • IN CHARGE OF CARE FOR FACILITIES (see description below) : __________
    cel no.: __________
  • MASS CELEBRANT: __________
  • PROGRAM START TIME: __________
  • PROGRAM END TIME: __________

2. Access to the Collegio

  • You may come as early as 7:30 a.m. on the day of the activity to decorate the venue, but not between 8:00-8:45 a.m. as there is a Mass and no one will open the doors for you.
  • (Decorating the day before is not possible, to assure the priests of silence, so they can pray, study and rest. Saturday is their day of rest, having classes Mondays to Fridays, and pastoral work on Sundays.)
  • Since we do not have a porter outside work hours, kindly ask your Collegio Priest contact to open the gate and door for you. Then assign at least two of your own community members to be ready to open the gate and the lobby glass door later whenever other members come (ask your Collegio Priest contact person how to open). Keep the gates and doors closed whenever no one enters – do not leave them open for long (especially the entrance glass doors during winter, to save on heating costs).
  • Guests may access the Main Chapel, lobby and if requested and granted, the recreation hall. All other areas are reserved for the Collegio residents: the refectory, offices, smaller meeting rooms to the right and left of lobby, “kantos”, and up or down the elevator and stairs. The Collegio Priest contact should make sure that these areas are not used.

3. Kindly assign someone in charge of care for facilities (include the name in the email as indicated above, in no. 1)

  • Take pictures of the furniture’s original position before setting up, so they can be returned exactly the way they were before your activity. The person(s) taking pictures should also be present at the end of the activity to direct the others in putting back the furniture.
  • Plastic chairs and tables are available from the recreation hall. Please do not get chairs and tables from the lobby, refectory and other areas.
  • Please do not transfer the pianos, as they go out of tune when moved.
  • Be creative in setting up your decors, but without using tapes (even the non-sticky type), tacks, paints, glues, nails, etc., or any other material attached to the walls, posts, picture frames, tables or other furniture or fixture. You may, for example, hang them on existing nails, bring stands, or put them on the floor or chairs (again, w/o tapes or pins).
  • Keep chairs, sofas, tables, decors, speakers, props, sports equipment, etc. away from walls, to avoid scratching them.
  • Please bring cleaning materials (Collegio does not supply them), such as wiping cloths, mop & pail, floor detergents, broom & dustpan, plastic garbage bags, etc.
  • Our other Priests, Sisters and Lay Personnel are on their day off on Sundays or have other tasks. Thus, they will be unable to assist you in any way. For any arrangement, your Collegio Priest contact can kindly coordinate with the Collegio Rector, not with the Sisters or Lay Personnel directly.

4. After using the facilities, please:

  • Return all furniture to their original positions, as directed by the person assigned to be in charge of care for facilities, and referring to the pictures taken earlier, before the start of the activities.
  • Bring home all your decors, equipment, etc.
  • Pick up any trash, wipe all wet or dirty surfaces, and mop the floors (including toilets).
  • Replace garbage bins’ plastic bags with fresh ones.
  • Please bring all trash to the garbage bins outside the Collegio. They are located to the right as you exit the Collegio gate, just continue along Via Aurelia. It is illegal and extremely dangerous to cross the road with garbage without using the pedestrian lane; the Collegio is not responsible for any accident or damage caused by such actions (e.g., if a bag is dropped or some contents fall, causing a vehicular or motorcycle accident, and injuries and death).

5. Presentations

  • Please be discerning in your presentations (song, dance, plays, jokes, dress, etc.), so that they would be uplifting; please refrain from whatever could be considered as improper, such as those that might hurt some people or groups, are indecent, etc.
  • Please avoid excessive noise (loud music, conversations, singing, etc.) before 9:00 a.m., when the priests are praying.
  • Considering that the Collegio priests need to pray, study and rest, kindly have the premises brought back to order towards 5:00 p.m. and vacated by 6:00 p.m.

6. Please note that your reservation is always tentative.

  • The facilities might be needed last minute by the Bishops or for some other priorities, and we might inform you of the cancellation of your reservations a week before or less.
  • Such cancellation has not yet happened in the past, and we hope this will never happen, but we wish to inform you of this possibility.

Once again, our gratitude, and welcome to the Collegio!