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IV. Kitchen Supervisor

1. Reports to the Procurator.

2. Supervises operations in the kitchen and in the refectory, and of the cook and refectorian, in coordination with the Procurator.

3. Prepares the menu. Brings out of the stock room the ingredients needed by the cook. Supervises the preparation and cooking of food.

4. Plans the marketing and prepares the marketing budget.

5. Keeps an inventory of and maintains, the kitchen and refectory utensils, plates, glasses and other implements.

6. Advises the Procurator in the purchase or repair of necessary kitchenware, supplies, refectory utensils, etc.

7. Supervises the cook as to the cleanliness and orderliness of the kitchen, refectory and storerooms.

8. Coordinates with the Procurator regarding extra needs for special celebrations, such as caterers and part timers.

9. Coordinates regular maintenance schedules, asking help from the Procurator as needed:
a. June and December = kitchen pest control (disinfestazione).
b. Before vacations in July and December = general cleaning of the kitchen.
c. As needed = general cleaning of big freezer and refrigerator, and switch them off if applicable.