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IV. Refectorian / Utility Man

A. Reports to the Procurator, as well as to the Sisters.

B. Job Description

1. Prepares the refectory and sets the table for every meal.
a. Prepares food, tables and chairs, eating utensils, correct serving spoons, glasses, water pitchers (brought out immediately before the meal during warm weather).
b. Readies the brewed coffee maker and percolator, and switches them on before lunch and dinner. Does the same after dish washing (after breakfast, lunch and dinner), but without switching them on.
c. Washes the dishes after all meals and cleans (and mops) the refectory and dishwashing areas. To avoid extending beyond work hours, food may already be removed from the serving table at 9:00 a.m., 1:45 p.m., 8:15 p.m. Used plates and utensils may also be removed then from the tables, while allowing the Priests to continue chatting and consuming the food they had taken earlier.
d. Throws the trash of the refectory.
e. Brings to the kitchen food from the refectory and aperitif room refrigerators (unless reserved with names on them).
f. Cleans, replenishes and sets the dispensers for sauce, dressing, condiments, toothpicks and napkins.
g. Informs the Sister-in-charge of needed supplies (beverages, sauces, dressings, condiments, table napkins, cleaning materials, etc.).
h. Helps Sisters unload deliveries.
i. Rings the lobby bell at 12:55 and 19:25 (based on cellular phone network time).
j. Replaces table mantles and towels as instructed by the Sisters.

2. Always prepares the following for meals [integrate with no. 1 above]:
a. breakfast – sugar, milk, coffee, tea
b. flatware- spoon ,fork, knife, teaspoon serving spoons
c. plates, salad plates, cups and saucers
d. pitchers and glasses
e. tissue papers
f. condiments- salt pepper ketchup olive oil vinegar soy sauce, fish sauce
g. return all the condiments in proper place except the olive oil, salt vinegar and pepper (which remain on the tables)
h. refill the condiments, stirer, plastic cups (white and brown )
i. salad dressings for vegetable salad

3. In particular, during lunch and dinner:
a. Monitors if there is sufficient food on the serving tables, and refills the serving plates, water, coffee, etc. as needed.
b. Does other refectory-related tasks in the dishwashing area, such as putting things in order, wiping surfaces, cleaning the stairs, etc.
c. Note: his normal schedule for lunch is from 1:15 -1:45 p.m., and for dinner, 6:30-7:00 p.m. During Sundays and feasts, the Personnel join the community meals, although he is still primarily responsible for replenishing food and drinks.

4. During feasts or when there are special guests, he is ready to:
a. Help in food preparation, slicing or distribution in the kitchen and in the refectory (for example, chopping lechon).
b. Serve food, drinks and dessert to special guests’ tables as needed.
c. Refill food and drinks.
d. Remove used plates and utensils (and if needed, immediately wash them), and put new ones when applicable.
e. Remove all used plates, utensils, main courses, etc. little by little towards dessert, or when the program starts, so that washers do not have to stay up late.

5. Readies the refectory for use outside meals.
a. always puts some clean glasses on the indicated table, so that the Priests do not have to get glasses that have already been set on the tables for dining.
b. keeps the food elevator door closed at all times, so that the kitchen lay Personnel may call it anytime from below.
c. Keeps the door from the refectory to the dishwashing area closed during cold and hot weather, to avoid temperature extremes in the refectory.
d. During cold weather, raises the blinds to let sunlight in (without hitting the oil paintings), and lowers them when the sun is down. During hot weather, lowers the blinds when it is hot outside, and raises the blinds and opens some windows when the air is cool outside to let it in.

6. Maintains appliances and furniture in the refectory and dishwashing areas.
a. cleans and replenishes the coffee machine.
b. cleans the microwave, bread toaster, brewed coffee maker, percolator, lavastoviglia (using vinegar).
c. cleans the food elevator, cabinets and other furniture (including inside of drawers and shelves), amplifier, piano, frames, windows, garbage bins (using disinfectant, and including those of the kitchen and common garbage bins from the first to third floors).
d. periodically defrosts the refrigerators (refectory and aperitif room).

7. Cleans the Administrators’ offices, the aperitif and media rooms.

8. Maintains the treadmills: lubricate, align, check tension; see internet, for example:

9. Performs other tasks the Administrators and Sisters may assign when needed,ideally outside the time when calendared tasks have been scheduled.