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IV. Spiritual Director

A. Tasks in General

1. Reports to the Rector.

2. Supervises, delegating tasks as needed, in carrying out their roles.
a. the Sisters in their roles as: (i) Sacristana, (ii) Assistant Librarian.
b. certain offices of the Council of Co-Responsibles, as indicated in their guides.

B. Task Sectors

1. Responsible for planning and directing the program for the spiritual development and formation of residents of the Collegio.
a. Makes himself available to residents for spiritual direction, consultation and Confessions.
b. Takes charge of preparing and conducting the monthly recollection of the residents.
c. Plans and organizes the annual retreat of the residents.
d. Assigns daily Mass presiders for Masses at the Collegio and in nearby religious communities requesting such service.
e. Facilitates individual and group retreats upon request.

2. Acts as Chaplain of the Sisters.
a. Makes himself available for spiritual direction, consultation and Confessions.
b. Assists the Sisters in preparing and conducting their spiritual activities (liturgies, monthly recollection, talks, annual retreats, etc.), helping them to be especially faithful to their charism and to the indications of their Superior General.

3. Imparts a spiritual formation program for the stay-in personnel and their spouses, and to the extent possible, of part-time workers and volunteers, with the help of the Procurator if needed.
a. Organizes Advent and Lenten recollection.
b. Organizes other talks, conferences and Liturgies as needed (wedding anniversaries, Masses for deceased relatives, etc.).

4. Acts as Librarian of the Collegio.
a. Organizes and maintains the Collegio Library performing functions such as: (i) accessioning and classification of books, (ii) keeping records of borrowed books, (iii) maintaining the good condition of books and periodicals.
b. Handles correspondence pertaining to library development.

5. Performs other duties that the Rector may assign from time to time.

C. Past Spiritual Directors

[To be completed]