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IX. Outsider Groups’ Use of Facilities in General

1. The Collegio may normally lend only the Main Chapel and Main Lobby to lay organizations, on Sundays outside examination periods, and strictly for activities with a religious component. For details, please search for “Main Chapel and Lobby” in our Collegio website, the link to which should be emailed to the requesting group.

2. Requests from groups will be assessed on a case to case basis. These groups should always be accompanied by their Chaplain, and the activities should not coincide with major activities organized by the Sentro Filipino Chaplaincy of Rome, in which all communities are invited.

3. The following are not allowed for outsider lay communities using Collegio facilities: alcoholic drinks, pets, camp fires and indoor games (to preserve the atmosphere of prayer, study and rest for the Residents).

4. The Collegio grounds, including the sports facilities, are not habitually open to the public. This is because the Collegio is not registered as a public commercial entity, and is not authorized to serve as a venue open for regular booking by the public in the same way as hotels and other commercial centers are.

a. If ever outsiders use the grounds or sports facilities, it should be with the participation of a good number of Residents, and in the spirit of assisting the Residents keep themselves physically fit.

b. Such use should avoid giving the impression of using the Collegio as a venue for an organization’s activity, rather than an activity of the Collegio.

c. Along these lines, for example, friendly games with a good number of Collegio priests involved may be organized, but not matches among different organizations (with practically no Collegio Priests participating), or activities of an organization served by a Collegio priest.

5. Once in while, the Sentro Filippino Chaplaincy or some other institution might request the use of PCF facilities, as a venue for their own major activities.

a. In such cases, the PCF simply provides the venue, while everything related to the event is handled by such institutions, including but not limited to: preparations, invitations, committees and coordination, logistics, actual event management, liturgy (choir, servers, readers, etc.), sound systems (directed towards La Salle only, not to the hotel, PCF building or tennis court as there are houses), city permits, choice of acceptable presentations, manpower during the event, portable toilets, decoration, security and preventing gate crashers, traffic and parking, first aid station, documentation, ground cleaning starting 5:00 p.m., disposing garbage properly outside the PCF (hiring an outside company if necessary), cleaning chairs and tables (especially the feet in contact with the ground), leaving the premises by 6:00 p.m., etc.

b. The PCF could have a supporting role, especially when it comes to: preparation of Main Chapel and liturgical items, concelebrant Priests, and some instruments (ladders, electrical outlets, etc.). In particular, if the activity is organized by the Sentro Filippino for all Communities on a Sunday, the PCF Priests are requested to encourage the Communities they serve to join such activity, rather than hold their regular Sunday Masses.

c. In case all activities are held outside the building, the Collegio building is off limits to outsiders coming on their own, as it will be impossible to ensure security if just anyone is let in. In the past, some would just roam around and use the facilities as they wish, such as the refectory, indoor sports, lobby as sleeping area or kids’ playground, etc. As a private residence, the Collegio is not really in a position to make its facilities available to all in the same way that public venues such as malls and parks are. Those who insist on entering the building will be requested by the marshals (provided by the institution holding the event, not by the Collegio) to please contact their Collegio resident friend, to kindly accompany them while they are inside. They are most welcome to enter the ground floor level as long as a Collegio resident accompanies them the whole time.

d. The institution holding the event should send the PCF its program, point person and committees (to make sure the above items are covered).

6. Any use of the facilities by outsiders requires the express permission of the Collegio Rector, who is ultimately responsible for the Collegio, including vis-à-vis the Italian civil government.