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Laundry Room (First Floor)

Conservation Tips:

  • Separate white (or very light) from more colored clothes.
  • Operate at full load as much as possible, gently filling the washing machine with clothes, without forcing them inside. (Water decreases the load’s volume, hence there will still be space for the water to circulate and remove dirt.)
  • Operating always at full load conserves soap, water and electricity. On the other hand, if only half-filled, the spinning drum is not well balanced, forcing the motor and lessening its lifespan.
  • Detergents are very strong concentrates, hence only a little is needed for small washing machines like the Collegio‘s. Follow instructions and adjust quantity based on experience. If the clothes are too fragrant after washing, you might be using too much detergent, and this could be bad for your skin.
  • Fabric conditioner may also be used, pouring it into the right tray (with the flower sign).

Washing Machine Recommended Settings

  • Machine A (left): select the recommended washing duration (approx. 45-60 mins) by turning the dial knob.
  • Machine B (right): turn the main dial knob to select no. 12 or 13 (some 1.5 hrs)

Using the Steam Iron:

You may steam iron right after removing clothes from the washing machine, while they are still moist. You may also add a bit of fabric conditioner into the water.

Space Considerations:

  • Clothes still inside a washing machine that has already stopped may be placed by the next user into empty wash basins in the laundry room.
  • Please remove dry clothes as soon as possible, to allow others to hang their clothes as well.
  • Dry clothes still hanging may be moved closer to each other by other users, to give space for wet clothes.
  • If your clothes are almost dry, you may opt to hang them in your bathroom instead, which has an extractor to help dry your clothes within a few hours. This will give some more space for the next laundry room users.