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MASS: Appointfix Reminders

Appointfix sends an sms around dinnertime, to remind Priests of their Mass assignment the following day. Normal sms rates apply.

One-Time Procedures:

a. Install Appointfix from Google Play or App Store.sync pcf.masses@gmail.com’s CALENDAR and CONTACTS to the smartphone or tablet. Password is “MisaTayo”.

b. Optionally remove pcf.masses@gmail.com’s calendar from the smartphone or tablet’s built-in calendar.

c. Open Appointfix. Click the three vertical dots on the upper right, then SETTINGS.

d. In SETTINGS, click REMINDER TIMES: check only “4h before appointment”, uncheck all others. Click OK.

e. In SETTINGS, click CALENDAR TIME SLOTS; click “15 minutes”. Click OK.

f. In SETTINGS, click WORKING HOURS; set FROM “12:15 a.m.” to “02:00 a.m.” (or “00:15” to “02:00”). Click OK.

g. In SETTINGS, click DEFAULT CALENDAR: check only “pcfmasses@gmail.com”, uncheck all others. Click OK.

h. In SETTINGS, click VISIBLE CALENDARS: check only “pcfmasses@gmail.com”, uncheck all others. Click OK.

i. Press back button to return; to see the calendar itself.

Entering Mass Assignments:

a. Click “WEEK” (above) to see the week’s days.

b. Press “12:15 a.m.” (or “00:15”) twice on the desired day, and a new screen will appear. In the upper left, you will see a green person icon and a green telephone icon.

c. Click the space to the right of the green person icon (not the gray one), and start writing the family name of the Priest celebrating the first Mass. Click his name when you see it. Then, his telephone number should appear to the right of the telephone icon. Click SAVE.

d. Do the same for 12:30 a.m., 12:45 a.m. and 1:00 a.m. (or 00:30, 00:45 and 01:00). Repeat for all the days of the Mass schedule sheet.


a. To change an entry, simply click on it once, and click on the trash icon (upper right). Then proceed as usual.

b. The Appointfix calendar should end up looking like the Mass schedule sheet.

c. Enter the following month’s calendar at least a few days before the beginning of the month. Just get hold of the Mass schedule from the bulletin board – no need to photocopy.

d. Update the Appointfix calendar at least once a week. You may make a tiny mark on the posted calendar to indicate that Appointfix has already been changed for that slot.

e. For the succeeding months, just repeat starting from number 2 above. No need for step 1 if using the same smartphone or tablet.