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NEWCOMERS: Personal Initiative

1. Look for a Spiritual Director as soon as possible, even within a week.

  • He may be either the official PCF SD, or any Priest of your choice.
  • You may also ask the Rector or the Spiritual Director for names of Priests in Rome willing to serve as SD.
  • For tips, search for “Spiritual Direction” in this website.

2. Consult the PCF Procurator regarding:

  • Payment of Board and Lodging fees (at least inform how to go about it)
  • Get PCF Card for photocopying and printing

3. Personal effort (see our website guides, and with the help of old timers)

  • Carta SIM: ask old timers for their experiences, as to the best current plan for data, sms and calls; inform the Rector of your Italian cel number
  • Metrebus Annuale (yearly bus and subway pass)
  • IOR (“Vatican Bank”)
  • Cards to learn Italian while playing
  • Guide to Mass Accents (www.pcfroma.org)
  • Smartphone App to scan documents (Camscanner, etc.)
  • Smartphone App for Italian verb conjugation
  • Youtube Italian lessons to supplement Italian classes
  • Practice Italian during meals